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I'm unable to use any of the multiplayer functions because the search button is greyed out and when I put my cursor on it it says "not available while downloading". The game is not blocked by any firewalls. I was initially intermittently able to play by logging out and back in but now I'm unable to use multiplayer at all. Has anyone else experienced/got a fix for this?
Seriously? It's not being blocked by firewall or AV, and I did the start menu repair..
It means you are downloading a map or somthing else you have to cancel in bnet before log in a game.
No, it will say downloading a map, and then start counting up the hours it will take to download a 3 meg file. Something is seriously wrong and it isn't my firewall or router.
Yeah, it's stuck like that. I played the beta and know what it looks like when you're downloading something and how long it took. This stays like that as long as I can stand to watch it and isn't actually downloading anything.
Alright, I love how blizzard forums are always the last to know... The issue is my download speed is too slow. I don't know how that changed between the beta and now..but I switched to a wired connection and it's working fine.

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