Authenticator Problem!

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Hi I was playing just last night and I had no authenticator at the time, but once I logged on today it said I have one linked onto my account, I never created one so I dont know the code to log into!

I checked my emails and nothing about it was on there.

=( That's an account compromise. Sounds like someone got your information. You should really run some antivirus/antispyware scans. Luckily there's nothing to be stolen from SC2, but if you have a WoW account you might have some stuff missing.

Call 1(800)592-5499. Spam redial every time you get the hold message, their lines get really full. If you have a mic I recommend using skype.

This is a good section to read through while you're waiting.
Hello Castle,

In addition to what Eonidae said, if an authenticator was added to your account then it also means that the people who did it have access to your email address.

After you have run multiple antivirus scans you will want to change the password on your email account and I would recommend also changing the email associated to your account.

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