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When I try to log into SCII on my desktop I get the following message and it just sits there forever:
The game is awaiting a response from The service may be temporarily unavailable or your internet connection may be down. If you are not connected in a few moments, please check your internet connection and try again.

The weird part is I can connect and play on my laptop on the SAME connection just fine...

I have already checked ports, ipconfig /release /renew /flushdns, rebooted router and comp multiple times, and did a tracert that showed nothing wrong. Anyone else having this problem?

Im running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit connected through wired LAN
Core2 Quad Q9400
ATI Radeon HD 3850 AGP

Also on a side note, its kind of stupid to require you to log into the game before you can post on the tech support forums... I mean before I was able to log into SCII on my laptop I was trying to post here and it wouldn't let me because I didn't have a "character". I wonder how many people are being locked out of the forums like I was.
Yeap same here, now here is the weirdest part for me, when I launch SC2 and try to connect to my Internet drops EVERY TIME, so my solution to actually play single player is to press the Windows button the second you click on logon so it won`t drop.... I know it`s Starcraft 2 that`s dropping my Internet cause I did Windowed mode, around 2 seconds after pressing login, disconnect, 2 seconds after entering password, disconnect, 2 seconds after agreeing to license disconnect... single player DISCONNECT... so no achievements.
well, the problem is, I can't even get to the point where I put in my password because it won't connect to

if it matters at all, my laptop which is able to connect to is connected through wireless while my Desktop which has no wireless is connected through wired LAN
The weird part is I can connect and play on my laptop on the SAME connection just fine..

Hello CHiSEEN,
I think there's either a firewall blocking your desktop, or the router is only forwarding ports 1119 and 1120 to your laptop. Do you have type of firewall besides the Windows firewall?
I'd also look into putting your desktop on the DMZ of your router.
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I had the same problem CHiSEEN, I couldn't connect to Bnet using my Wired PC.. tracert reveals it can't connect also..but my wireless Laptop gets a response using tracert..

Took me a while to figure it out but I had to disable (uncheck) IPV6 on the properties of my network..then it finally connected.
I had a similar problem, had to disable my Kaspersky Firewall. Will look into what setting is causing the issue.
Wait your WIRED connection dropped? Well holy cow that is some problem there lol, I though it was only the wireless connections that get issues o well, I'll try to DMZ my router and see if I still drop (btw I opened the ports and Windows Firewall allowed Starcraft II) I did a Tracert to and it looks fine 20-60 ms after 18 hops request out of time but that's normal.

EDIT: Ok tried to DMZ my router, still same issue sooooo now I guess I'll just wait for a answer from Blizz.
If you are using Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 you need to do the following.

1. Goto My Protection->Online Activity->Firewall->Settings->Filtering Rules
2. Search for StarCraft II
3. Click "StarCraft II"
4. Click "Add"
5. Select "Allow"
6. Select "Add" under Network Service
7. Enter Name:SC2, Select Protocol:TCP, Direction: Inbound/Outbound, Remote Ports: 1119-1120
8. Click "OK"
9. Select "SC2" from the Network Service list
10. Click "OK"

So, under Filtering Rules->StarCraft II you should have the following items listed
SC2, Any Network activity

For Good measure add "SC2" to the Blizzard Launcher service as well, not sure if this helps but it cant hurt.

Press "OK" as many times as needed to exit out of Kaspersky.

Well i'm having the same issue but it disconnects me 2-4min into the game, then instantly reconnects me back. So i'm still able to log in and all but im currently unable to enjoy any multiplayer as it drops me.
Feel like bumping this topic just to make sure that we get a answer, cause this issue still hasn't been fixed... well for me at least.
Yeah, still having this problem myself. Cannot connect to with the game.
Here's the response from Nothing I hadn't already tried but I confirmed all except tracert. That command wouldn't run on my computer.

I guess they go for the most obvious and it didn't help:

If you are experiencing connection problems with StarCraft II, please make sure you have tried each of the steps below. Even if you have tried some of these steps we always urge players to double check that you have done every one of them. Most connection related issues that you may experience are resolved by these basic troubleshooting suggestions.

Step 1: Confirm your Internet Connection Before attempting to connect to the game servers, please confirm that your computer is able to connect to sites on the internet. One simple way to do this is to open a browser and try to connect to our StarCraft II Website. (

If you are unable to connect to any websites or other internet-based applications even though your modem is on and the cables are all connected correctly, then please contact your Internet Service Provider for further troubleshooting steps so that you can properly access the internet.

Step 2: Power Cycle the Modem and Router

If the connection difficulties persist, please Power Cycle your modem and router to reset them and allow them to re-establish a connection to your ISP. Please follow these steps to completely power cycle the devices in your network connection:

- Shut down all computers connected to the modem/router.
- Power down/unplug the router if you use one.
- Power down/unplug the modem.
- Allow to sit for 60 seconds, unplugged.
- Turn on the modem, allow to completely boot up till the front panel connection lights show a steady connection.
- Turn on the router, if you have one, and allow to completely boot up as well.
- Start the computer(s) and allow to completely boot up.

Step 3: Configure your Firewall and/or Router

Firewalls and routers are designed specifically to control your computer's incoming and outgoing connections. You may need to set up these security features to allow access to the game servers. If these are not set up correctly, the firewall or router may prevent you from connecting to You may also want to try bypassing the router by connecting directly to your modem with an Ethernet or USB cable. This is only a troubleshooting step and may help isolate where the connection problem is occurring. If you have any firewall software please try uninstalling it temporarily. Please only do this if you have a backup copy available. This will let you know for certain if there is an issue with the firewall blocking the connection. Most firewalls when disabled will keep blocking information so the uninstallation is necessary for most types of firewall software. For the Windows XP, Vista or 7 firewall, you will only need to disable it because you are unable to uninstall it. If the issue seems to be resolved by doing this the firewall was not properly configured.

Please see this page for port information and advice on setting up your firewall/router for StarCraft II:

Step 4. Check for Updates

Out-of-date drivers or operating system files can cause connection issues. Please check for the average updates:

Step 5. Third party program conflicts.

Some third party programs can interfere with your connection. Programs such as Xfire, Teamspeak, and Port Magic have been reported as causing some issues. Please try closing all background applications as explained on our support site:

Step 6. Testing your Connection and Performing a Trace Route

Running a Trace Route will track each step of your internet connection to, and can help identify if and where connection problems may be occurring. Please see this page for instructions on doing a Trace Route test:

If none of these steps helped, please let us know exactly what error message you are seeing, and where in the connection process it occurs.

If you email our support team, please attach the tracert.txt file from step 6, or have it handy if you call in.

Best regards,
Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment
With my connection problems, the game wouldn't patch. I decided to uninstall and reinstall. I had to re-download the install file and I keep getting booted off while doing it (10 hrs so far). The downloader is direct downloading the file from blizzard rather than in p2p parts. Frustrating.

I also got an invite to rate blizzard customer service. Hmmm...
Well I had the same thing as you Capt they gave me those 7 steps, so I checked I though at first it was Windows Firewall so I disabled it, still disconnected so not it. Closed all background tasks still same issue, so I decided to call in my ISP (Internet Service Provider) they brought a technician to my house... this whole entire time it was my ISP the problem cause he said that there building some new prototype 100 Mbps networks around my region so it can cause some slow downs or high pings sometimes.... I was actually successful in logging to Starcraft 2 once but after that it wouldn't work... although it doesn't have to be rude and disconnect me from the Internet lol.

Although I developed a stupid trick to get logged in, set your resolution to Windowed open up the Map Editor, then click on File /Preferences look for Test Document and click on Run Game in a Window. Press Test Document exit the game (don't click the X button on the top right just menu and quit, it will lead you to the login page, login from there and it should work.
Ok so I'm reviving this dead topic since I still can't login even with the trick I posted it won't work anymore.... but I posted a youtube video to describe better the situation.

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