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This is a little bit of a weird question and the answer is probably dont worry about it - but so i have a MS HD Cinema webcam and when in use it has a little blue light on the front that turns on. When i play starcraft II it shows this light is turned on like its streaming video. Is there some camera in the game that would cause this?
I think it turns on the webcam to access its mic, since sc2 has built-in voice chat. Best way is turn the webcam to the wall so you won't be peeped. JKJK, maybe disable the voice chart would do that? Or change the mic input to your normal mic line. Try something like that in the setting and see.

This is still an issue.

Any chance we can get an option to disable webcams before HOTS is released? I'm sick of the light from my webcam distracting me while I play. I have to move it every time I load up SC2.
Same problem here.
Same problem here - webcam comes on during SC2 play. I had voice chat turned off in game (even with greyed defaults set to something other than the webcam which seemed to work one time only) and still saw the light next time I played.

I fixed this by going into Options\Voice and temporarily enabling Voice Chat and then changing the "Provider" to something other than DirectSound (I used FMod) and it seems to be resolved itself for several reboots now.

It seems a lot of people have complained about this - if this fix works then it would have been nice if it had come from Blizzard... just sayin...
What kind of webcam do you have, Jobba?

Can you post some computer information from the Direct X Diagnostic Tool (dxdiag)?

After you've created the dxdiag report file, open it up, and copy and paste everything, except after this section:
DirectShow Filters

After you paste everything into a post, highlight everything, and hit the "pre" button (It says "Code Blocks" when you hover your mouse over it). That'll make the information much more readable.

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Hi Velnrak - apologies for the delay in responding - I hadn't checked back to this forum after fixing my problem - until now anyway :)

I have a MS LifeCam Webcam and the problem seems fixed after several months now without the light coming on.

The DxDIAG file is pretty big and I'm not sure if you still need/want the info - but if you do would be happy to email/PM if you like - just let me know. Some extracts below relevant to the LifeCam:

Description: Desktop Microphone (6- Cinema - Microsoft LifeCam.)
Default Sound Capture: No
Default Voice Capture: No
Driver Name: USBAUDIO.sys
Driver Version: 6.01.7601.18208 (English)
Driver Attributes: Final Retail
Date and Size: 7/12/2013 21:40:58, 109824 bytes
Cap Flags: 0x1
Format Flags: 0xFFFFF

WDM Streaming Capture Devices:
Bluetooth Hands-free Audio,0x00200000,2,2,,6.01.7601.17514
AVerMedia 7231 Analog Capture,0x00200000,2,3,,6.01.7601.17514
Microsoft LifeCam Cinema,0x00200000,1,1,,3.60.0250.0000
Cinema - Microsoft LifeCam.,0x00200000,1,1,,6.01.7601.17514
USB Audio Device,0x00200000,2,2,,6.01.7601.17514

Will check back here in a week or so and see your reply if you need more info :)



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