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After I was done installing it, it asks me 2 patch. I hit yes and then it tries 2 run the game without patching it and then asks me 2 patch again. this keeps happening. This is something thats happening to my buddy who is running Windows Xp. Help please.
Same thing is happening to my friend whos running vista.

Is there anybody out there who's found a fix to this?
got it, found in a thread a while back.

Ok, for some ridiculous reason the patch installer wants to go through Internet Explorer instead of Mozzila Firefox, so what you need to do is install internet explorer (Windows 7 users already have it), and if you're like me, your IE explorer brings up an error page as default. Go to "tools" in the IE menu, then scroll down to "internet options". Next, go to the "Connections" tab, then click on the "Lan Settings" button. Click "Automatically Detect Settings"....your IE explorer should now default open to a web page. Now, start starcraft 2, and the patch will no longer infinitely loop.
Yeah, mine won't patch either. But I hear the auto detect proxy settings thing worked for some other people. That and turning off all their firewalls on windows and their router. I personally tried all that but it didn't work. I'm on XP Media Center SP3.

Let us know if anything fixes it. Thanks.

-Safe Mode w/ Networking
-Windows Firewall Exceptions to all the game ports(3724, 6112, 6113, 6114,4000)
--also completely turning it off
-2Wire Router Firewall Exception for Starcraft and all applications(don't know how to completely turn off the firewall)
-IE Explorer and Firefox to autodetect proxy settings(tried ticked and unticked)
-New user w/ administrator status
-Restarting the computer
-Updating drivers for GeForce 7 series video card, IE 8, .Net Framework 4

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