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09/29/2010 12:58 PMPosted by Sixen
The Chat Gem Lives!

Hi, I've been wondering about this for a long time-- what is "The Chat Gem Lives!"? Is it a clan channel or something?
Posted by Jayant
Hi, I've been wondering about this for a long time-- what is "The Chat Gem Lives!"? Is it a clan channel or something?


Haha, it's just a quote, ;).
The Chat Gem Lives!
This is something I've been wondering for a while now. I like to tell people to search before posting, so that there aren't 5 threads on the first page about the same thing, but how old of a thread should people post on? Some forums don't like people posting on threads older than 3 months, but what if it's the exact same issue?
So I need to read through all that just to report a bug? Who wants to read a super long essay?

We were reading ally chats from our opponents today, it was so weird, and last night I just beat a cheese to bad manner zerg, however in his match history there are obviously something wrong.

I wanted to send the replay and screenshots but I don't want to go through the essay.
It's just a rough guide for people who post stuff like "HUGE BUGZ" and say "y wont my guy mine minerlz????"
If you describe the bug, and link to a replay and say when it occurs that'll be fine. It'd be a good idea to search first though, it's very possible that it has already been posted by someone else.
IN 1v1 ladder before i started my game even before they found player for me to play my internet connection got lost and in my match history it said i had tied but my ladder points went down. Is this suppose to happen?
frames per second 127 vertical sync on same processing power usage before (reported) but was 60 before after patch is 127...noooo patch 1.5.2
i cant login on hots (beta), and i have already been invited, what is happening?¿ my account says i got a key to play beta hots and i got a mail saying the same but when i try to loggin it says that i have no account on the region plz help me
when i am in the game it wil be running along fine then all of the sudden the screen will freeze up for several seconds. and it does this all of the time i am playing. any help would be appreciated. also some ha\ow my log in name is changed. it should read its showing my log-in and password running together.
It is so strange that on top right corner of replays there is no "report bug" option. is not working or I don't understand where to upload the replay.

Game: 26 May 2013 23:33:04 Celestial Bastion
Issue: Won the game, but in profile it says "lost" and I left the game. I clicked "score screen"

Here is the replay:

found the website from google

edit: match summary shows 7 zerg but there were 7 protoss.
Curently on a system :
All is update

no prob with other game.

Experiencing bad fps sometimes around 17 fps, when a battle 50 vs 50 units (not to many)
I have a black screen when I playing the game
I have a black screen when I play the game I have GTX 580
Example of Good Bug Report

From Capcom Unity Forum: Bug Finder HandyRandy4(TheHand)

To SF5 Beta Development team .

Bug Found Self titled: Shang Tsung Account steal
Bug description: the player just battled on rank match appears as your own profile._.hence Shang Tsung


Time and Date: December 20th 2015 apx 4pm Regina time.

Video and Screenshot saved to share folder and has bean uploaded to YouTube , I am waiting for YT to clear approval of the video.

YouTube Search: Randy Ramsingh

Video titled : STREET FIGHTER 5 beta BUG FOUND

Happy to recieve free Tshirts and other Capcom memrobilia, career opportunities as well, I am an amateur game tester colored commentater
Thanks bye.
EDIT: name of specific video YouTube has just cleared for viewing is STREET FIGHTER 5 beta Account theft bug .*****
Hey I pushed Control+S by accident in sc2 LOTV campaign and now I cant get my sound to come back on except the music started playing again randomly. How can I fix this? I pushed Control+S again to no avail.

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