SC2 100% cpu usage and network killer.

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My problem is two-fold. After purchasing SC2 and installing it (which went along without a hitch), every time I start up the game it is using 100% of my cpu and is just bogging down my machine. My rig is well above the requirements and runs every other game I own beautifully.

My second problem is everytime I start up the game and try to connect to it kills my network connection. I have tried opening ports, turning off the windows firewall, changing my adapter driver, and anything else I could find on these forums to no avail.

I would really appreciate a blizz response or someone who is having the same problems but fixed it. This game looks amazing and it pains me to not be able to try it.
Bump. Got to play the first 2 missions but it still killed my network connection.
Think all games run cpu 100%. The network problem is on your end. Router maybe idk, but that kind of think normally isnt from the game.
What cpu do you have? overclocked at all or on stock settings?

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