Graphic glitches- now with screen shots

Technical Support
Already submitted 2 bug reports in the past 2 days. Have some wonderful screen shots of these flashing white patches that appear rapidly and at random while playing.

Also: Raynor with blue hair on the Bridge, 3D models not displaying correctly so that only an outline is shown, and more.

I think I've spent more time bug hunting than playing. Thanks for the help guys!

Hello Adragon,

Can you tell us more information about your computer? You can find most of the information if you go to Start -> Run -> dxdiag (or on Windows Vista/7, Windows Key + R -> dxdiag)

I'll need the following info:
System tab
Operating system:
System Manufacturer:
System Model:
DirectX Version:

Display tab
Device Name:
Driver Version:
Driver Date:
Driver DDI Version:
DirectDraw Acceleration:
Direct3D Acceleration:
AGP Texture Acceleration:

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