Game Freezes on Smash and Grab mission

Technical Support
*Small campaign spoiler* i've been able to play through the campaign for a little while, however at the end of the Smash and Grab mission, as the artifact is being transported over the bridge and kerrigan's voice-over starts, the game freezes and the whole screen is filled with a bunch of random colors. The freeze occurs and the entire screen is filled with the video garbage whether I play in windowed or fullscreen, and occurs at the exact same spot on this mission. The freeze has also occured at random times in multiplayer. I cannot regain control of my system when it freezes and have to kill the power.

I don't believe this is an overheating issue because it occurs whether I have been playing for hours or only a few minutes and is always at the same spot.

My system Specs:
Windows 7 Professional (with all updates)
Athlon 64 3000+
Nvidia 6600GT AGP video card (running latest drivers from nvidia)
1.5GB ram

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