Anyone tried this fix to the crashing problem

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This is from

Saw it posted by another member. Just seeing if this worked for anyone.

Here is the fix

So you're playing starcraft, everything's going fine, load up a 3v3 with your friends. You've built up quite a large army, and are ready to attack, all of a sudden, the screen goes black with some green artifacts, your sound loops buzzes, hiss'es.. etc, and you realize, Your PC has just froze!

This appears to come randomly, you can be building a psylon, or a Nexus, and then BAM!!

Well, this was what was happening to me randomly all during beta, and even in the retail now apparently. But there IS a Fix.

This applies to Windows Vista/7 Users.
*Just note, I will not be responsible if you mess something up, but this requires Windows Registry Tweaks, so please make sure you are familiar before attempting.*

The reason/issue:
This is crashing is because Windows Vista/7 have the stupid "TDR" built into the OS set at 2 seconds, and it does it kinda poorly in my opinion.

In plain english:
Windows Vista/7 checks/polls your video card every so often, to make sure it hasn't "crashed", kind of like a "ping" to the card. Normally, the graphics driver/card responds right away.
Well what happens is, when you are running SCII and some other Graphics Intensive Games, your graphics card is busy processing the game commands and renders, so it may not respond to windows within 2 seconds. This is the part that crashes the game, as per Windows Default, when the 2 second Timeout Detect Period passed, Windows kicks in the Graphics/GPU/VPU recovery process. (Shuts off and restarts the Video card, and drivers.)
So at this point SCII just lost the device it was sending all the graphics rendering commands to. Hence the black screen with the lines/ looping sound, etc.

The Fix:
We will raise the TDR timeout period to 10 seconds. (this should be sufficient, don't go any higher as it may be bad for your video card IF an actual issue does arise.)
1. Open Registry Editior (regedit.exe)
2. Navigate to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers"
3. Create a new 32_BIT DWORD Key, and name it "TdrDelay" (case-sensitive) and assign it a Decimal Value of "10". (If one already exists, just change the value from 2 to 10)
4. Reboot your system, and try again. Smiley
This helped a little, but not enough to allow actual game play (with graphics settings on low - 8800gt, fresh drivers)

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