More: Campaign = Constant Crashes and Freezes

Technical Support
I am unable to play more 1 mission at a time, without everything either freezing, or me getting shot at the desktop at loading screens. I've re-installed the game about 2 times already, and on my 3rd re-install now. Haven't played much of multipplayer, but the amount I did play I didn't encounter any issues. On top of that, I continue to have problems were 2D/3D clocks running right. It is really sad I can barely play campaign, as the amount I did play was pretty good. So, if anyone has any related issues, please post some insight.
I myself am having issues with crashes on certain missions. the whispers of doom mission and an another but the other one fixed itself. The other issue is with the repair tool... I try to repair and it crashes in the middle of repairing.
For me, I can't do the Smash and Grab mission or the Evacuation mission, which are they missions you do RIGHT when you get on the Hyperion. I might as well play some multiplayer, even though I'm terrible -_-

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