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Hey all. I was under the impression that a Real ID would come automatically with the creation of a account, but I find myself without one and with no way to acquire one. I'm playing Starcraft 2 and have no trouble adding character friends, but when I click "Add Friend," the buttons for connecting to Facebook and typing someone's email address are both grayed out on my screen and I don't know why.
On the website, there's a section about Real ID that I've read, and it says nothing about how to actually GET it.
If anyone could tell me how to get a Real ID, that would be much appreciated.
is your email address confirmed on your account?
Hmmm, was just thinking of something that may be causing the issue... while i wait on hold for blizzard support lol ..... oh Parental controls... was just looking at this for my brother. maybe its something to do with that.

this is under parental controls
"Real ID
Enabling Real ID gives your child access to additional social features, including cross-game chat. If Real ID is activated, the real name associated with the account (yours or your child’s) will be visible to others."
maybe some how its turned off in here?
That worked, thank you very much. I was getting pretty frustrated.

Cheers, and have fun with the blizz support :)

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