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I am new to playing this game and computer gaming in general. What is the best resolution to use when you are playing this game? I played for a few minutes and everything seems too big and I can't see the whole screen. It is set at 1900x1200. I have a 27 inch samsung HD monitor and a 4350 HD card. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
Whatever your max resolution is without slowdown...which sounds like you can set it up a notch if you have a 27 inch monitor. Otherwise It's not like some games where changing the resolution will actually make the in game models look more compact.
I guess the major problem I have is that I can't see the whole screen, i.e commands and the videos that play on the left and right of the screen.
That sounds like a problem with your actual monitor setup. Check in the graphics menu and make sure you have it set to fullscreen, widescreen etc...Could also be your monitor setup outside the game giving you problems. Go into Catylist for your card and make sure the monitor setup is correct there too as well.
Thanks a lot. I will check all that out when i get home tonight. I appreciate the help.
Sure also if thats some kind of tv monitor it may not be supported if I recall correctly...even so if it is there should be a way in the CCC to crop it down to fit.
The fill rate on the 4350 is really low since it's not a gaming card. Something like a pylon energy grid would hurt it on high resolutions so you'll have to use the lowest one for best performance.

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