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I've been playing Starcraft since the Beta. During actual gameplay (IE: Multiplayer and Missions, the game runs beautiful with SLI enabled) However, during the campaign cutscene's, such as aboard the Hyperion in the Lab, Cantina, Armory, or on the Bridge, or during any Movie, there is horrible artifacting on the screen.

Numerious black lines appear while entire pieces of the picture randomly turn black and jump in and our of the view. There is also stuttering during this phase where the scenes appear to lag.

I have played with every major setting and the only fix I have come up with is to Disable SLI. Once that has been done, there are 0 issues with Campaign video performance. Perhaps you guys should look into this.
Indeed, and you are not alone in this observation.

While I haven't been combing the forums non-stop, I haven't yet seen a response or acknowledgment to this problem. Everyone, please continue to post if you run an SLI system and you have this problem as well.
I have a similar issue with cutscenes and gameplay between missions.

I have two 9800 GT cards in SLI. Game runs great. However, some stuff gets very slow and occasionally after I leave a mission and go back to the hyperion bridge I get an error message telling me to lower my settings or close other applications to free up memory. Here is what is going on

- Bridge: Most, but not all, non-prerendered cutscenes are very slow and choppy with some artifacting. One that doesn't lag is the one where it starts out black and white and shows kerrigan, then the one guy gets caught by the captain hacking into the archives. That one runs great, most others I have to skip as they are unwatchably slow.

- Bridge: Animations while just looking at the bridge (where you can click on things to select) are very slow

- Armory: Works fine, framerate is fine in both videos and the menu.

- Cantina: Looking at the cantina is choppy like on the bridge.

- Cantina: Non-prerendered cutscenes are slow and choppy, especially talking with the mercenary guy

- Lab: Loads a little slow, like when it loads up and fades in, it is choppy, but then after that its all good.

- Lab: Custscene when talking to the nerdy guy is fine. I think the doctor one started out slow then got better. Don't remember exactly.

In my totally non-expert, talking out of my butt opinion, I would assume that this has something to do with an object or objects that are being rendered in the background of the videos that uses a specific 3d effect such as HDR or some other acronym. Maybe the computer screens or stars or something? This is why it is only choppy at certain points perhaps?

Disabling SLI fixes this for me.
Agreed, this is a well known issue now for all SLI users... the best bet is to disable SLI while playing SC2 single player. It runs very smooth for me after disabling SLI and runs like @*%# with both cards on.
We actually know about this issue already and we are looking for a fix so you can all go back to using SLI.

Alias, thank you for taking the time to post into the thread and give us that information.
OMG Blizz doesnt absolutly hate us SLI users
Awesome Alias. We appreciate that fast response you guys are giving us!

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