GPU temps high? Forced shutdowns?

Technical Support
The possible solutions-
Add lines frameratecap=60 frameratecapGlue=30 to your variables text document in the starcraft 2 folder.

Reduce all your setting to medium.

Change portraits from 3d to 2d.

I have tried all of these solutions and I am still getting excessive temps on my gpu. I have never had any temp problems on my card with any other games. I have seen numerous reports of peoples cards overheating causing a forced shutdown.

Blizzard what are you doing about this? Have you acknowledged this as a problem?

8800 gt gpu geforce
3200 clawhammer AMD processor
Plenty of fans
Honestly it's something to do with Nvidia's drivers. :/ The 8 and 9 series both do this pretty regularly, Nvidia has to frequently roll out new drivers to resolve the issue. I believe a while back one of their drivers was causing their fans to run severely under par.

You could try turning off physx or maybe roll back some drivers.
I'm having similar problem with ATI Mobility so i don't think it's a driver issue. I've tried to recreate playing some more demanding games and running a lot of apps in the background but the laptop runs slow but it doesn't shutdown.
Same problems with the Nvidia's 8800 GT, fans running 100%, still random shutdowns.

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