Solution to Install Client File Download Fail

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Posting this solution for those out there who had this problem like me. I was unable for whatever reason to download the file for the blizzard installer client for starcraft II. Upon trying to download the file in firefox, the download would fail. Trying to download using internet explorer, an error message would register stating my security settings did not permit me to download the file. This would result in me downloading an incomplete client file that wouldn't launch. On launching, I'd get the error that the program 'was not a valid win32 application.'

After disabling all of my antivirus software and screwing with my firewall ports for several hours as many posts on the internet directed me, the solution turned out to be very simple:

Go to tools, internet options. Then go to security and move the trusted sites zone. Add (if not the actual page the download link is listed on) to your list of trusted sites. Voila, download should work perfectly.

Hope this helps.

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