Computer becomes unresponsive

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Hello I have been given the guest pass by my friend and we even tried logging on from his account on my pc.

During the campaign or random playing around in the game, the game freezes and the computer becomes TOTALLY unresponsive.

I have to manually restart every time and it is getting annoying.

64 bit windows 7 home
radeon 5850hd 1gb
4gb ram
running dx11

Everything is up to date... Would love to have a ''blue post'' answer this.
Also, does SC2 gather crash info everytime there is an error ?( Like WoW ) ?

Have had similar problems running HP w2207 22” monitor Desktop PC- Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600, 3gb DDR2 6400 ram, 500gb Seagate HDD, NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT vid card, Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS sound card , froze and locked up four times last night in about three hours.
Game is crashing like hell here as well.

Windows 7, 32 bit

Rest I bet is irrelevant... but if anyone cares, I got a Gateway SX2800-01 (

I know my graphics card is not good enough, goin to fix that, but it should be SLOW rather than completely freezing, shouldn't it? (needles to say, my card does fill the minimum 128mb requirement... maybe it's something else).
yup mine has that frozen screen crash all the time too. its getting annoying as heck.

win7 64bit
2gb ram
Bump for a fix

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