*Fix for (multi-core) Black Screen of Death

Technical Support
To all the people experiencing the black screen of nerd-rage inducing terror with the last sound played looping until you hard restart, I hope this fixes your problem. I took a day off of work to play through the campaign and ended up spending half the day trying to fix my computer. Made me rage a bit. You feel my pain and I feel yours.

Start SC2 and IMMEDIATELY (before it can freeze, lol) hit CTRL-ALT-DELETE, go to the SC2 PROCESS itself and right click. Scroll down and click "Set Affinity" once inside you will see CPU1-CPU4 depending on how many cores your CPU has, click off one for a dual core or 2-3 for a quad core. I checked off two of them for mine and I haven't had any more crashes

I had gone through the original bs of updating drivers, blah blah blah, none of it worked I repaired my installation, cleaned my computer, shut off all background programs... nothing besides changing the affinity fixed the crashes.

I'm not tech savvy, but apparently the cores get used to full potential and for a thousandth of a second lose communication between each other and the computer tries to restart devices because it thinks they aren't working?

This is for multi cored computers only.
Sounds more like you're overheating to me.
4 cores and 4 HT cores here and no problems on my end, except the artifacting issues for SLI users

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