No Sound at All. </3

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I've uninstalled it twice, run the repair tool. Everything is correct. I have everything set up to go through my headphones. StarCraft II just won't play any sound. It's insanely frustrating. Any tips? At all...
I've run the repair tool twice now. I've uninstalled it 4 times. It just won't play ANY sound. I've tried using different USB headphones, and nothing. I'm stumped as to what I should do.

I went into the voice options, and it looks like it just doesn't recognize the mic. So, what the hell?
Do your default speakers work? Is it only the headphones? Since they're USB, did you update their drivers as well?
I don't have default speakers. Just headphones. Drivers are up to date. I'm starting to think I wasted $60 on this...
What type of speaker setup are you all using? There's a known issue where 7.1 and 5.1 selections has a good chance of not working.

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It's a Protoss unit, sarge, coming thru the south pass. He looks broke
I've set it to all the possible settings, and nothing. I guess I can play in pure silence. Kind of creepy though.

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