Low-quality cinematic ingame?

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I also find the cutscenes (non in game) very pixelated and high compressed.
I hope this gets fixed soon!
All the cinematics are looking pretty rough on my end. Pixelated when fading in and out, washed out color, just generally low grade stuff.
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But this is exactly what it looks like for me, which is definitely well below Blizzard's normal standards. I don't understand how their YouTube cinematics look amazing and viewable for free, while we paid good money for the game and get...that.
mine is equally bad as well. cant find any way to fix it.
I think it is kinda bugged. The first time I watched the story until now it was so low on quality that I was surprised... then I showed it to a friend and it played on high quality as it should.

Maybe some option configuration or simply a bug when you launch it for first time? At least I didn't have any other situation like that later.
this is happening to me too, all my settings are on high yet the cinematic I'm getting looks like 480p.
Same problem here, they look like 360p -480p. Will Blizzard fix it ?
Make the diffrence between prerendered and rendered cinematics guys!

If prerendered has artifacts its because of optimal and full download. Its just a vod!

Rendered cinematics on the otherhand come down to your hardware. Better hardware = better rendered cinematics (most of it is rendered).
Just picked up Legacy of the Void and noticed the horrible cinematic quality too.

Really, really low quality which I dont ever remember them being previously.

Just to clarify:

Geforce 980 with latest drivers.
Game is fully downloaded from fresh and even scanned and repaired.
Graphics quality overall set to extreme.
Movie Quality set to high.

I've tried a scan/repair, full reinstall, codec updates... etc etc.

I even set the video quality to low to see any difference and it was identical. It's like the high quality versions arent even there.

Most confusing and dissappointing.
The cinematics on the Behind the Scenes BluRay are gorgeous, by the way. So much better than in-game. :-(
All the cinematics are terrible quality. It's very disappointing because they look great on the blu-ray. Don't know why they compressed them this much. I get reducing the download size but they went way too far, to the point that it looks like a 360p youtube video.
Having this same issue. Just had a cutscene in a city with Raynor, and all I could think was damn this looks terrible.
I noticed some cinematics had FPS issues and would stutter. Then others would be fine or look better. Just very inconsistent.
Here the same applies. Image looks incredible bad, not even looking like anything Blizzard. I remeber WOL videos took my breath away, as D3 videos, and those were made at least 5 years ago. Thats a bad job from blizzard. I'll ask you all to send tickets complaining so they can change it.
Well i can say for sure that cinematics are horribly compressed and black levels is completely messed up.
I mean black = grey in Legacy in the Void cinematics. I'm highly dissapointed.
Same issue here, ruining the campaign because of bad cutscene quality
Same :( I want to watch high quality pew pew please
Same here. Noticed same problems on HotS and D3.

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