Blizzard Sueing Mod Makers

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Ryan, the creator of this awesome mod just informed us that Activision has taken action against him. (Many people saw this coming, unfortunately.) This is just sad sad news. All that hard work and no payoff?! HEY ACTIVISION?! Do you see how well Gabe Newell and Valve are doing? Do you understand WHY they are doing so well? The Fans. LISTEN TO THEM!

Ryan’s email to us:

James I’m not sure if my first message went through, it was pretty long, but Activision just took action against the video. Can you believe this man? They put out a tool to let us do anything and then shut us down when we get too good with it?


You guys can check the url for the rest of the story sick mod though

Most likely Blizzard will closed this thread down and suspend me or maybe ban but whatever its a great mod I don't know why Blizzard gives user's the tools to mod and than sue how unfortunate.

EDIT 1: Good news guys

Ryan finally got a response from Blizzard. It wasn’t the type he was looking for:



Thank you for thinking of Blizzard Entertainment. However, the Account & Technical Services department does not have access to the information or the contacts you are looking for. Please direct all inquiries/proposals via mail to:

Blizzard Entertainment
PO Box 18979
Irvine, CA 92623

Your inquiry will be directed to the correct department.

Peter M.
Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment
My Hours:
Tue - Sat
9:00AM – 5:00PM Central Time

BUT, “epak” from RiotGames is offering Ryan a job. See? For every cloudy day follows sunshine.


Ryan, I’d like to speak with you about potentially working for Riotgames (League of Legends). You can contact me directly at since I think you’re awesome.

Zileas, Design Director of RiotGames, has confirmed this on thier forums:


When I see a modder with a lot of drive that has done something cool, I tend to contact them. I shot him an email recently asking if he was interested in exploring an opportunity here. As to what comes of that, who knows — that depends on the mutual fit and his own goals.

Just got an email from Ryan. Damn, I feel warm and fuzzy inside now. Go and follow that dream, Ryan.


I would be a complete idiot not to… I’ve waited my whole life for something like this. I feel like I’m in a dream man… been up for 36 hours straight with all this craziness going on… How did this even happen? My thanks to your entire staff.. You guys played a part in something that may change my life of sitting in this crappy chair forever.

Edit 2:

I apologize for misleading people about blizzard suing the mod maker. I did that because I wanted to create attention and to let the community know so if they do press any type of action at least the community knows about it. At the time I heard about it they asked him to take it off youtube but who knows what Blizzard would have done next.

For all I know the Activision side of Blizzard could have escalate the matter even further. Thank you Starcraft community and I wish the best luck to Ryan because he is full of potential from what I can see.

Edit 3: Some more updated news for you guys

Day #2 of this story and we have received word from “epak”, of Riot Games, that the “ball is in his court.” We haven’t heard word back from Ryan if he has taken that offered position or not. Ryan did post, however, in his forums that

"I just spoke with a Blizzard official, and the issue is being worked on. Because of the sensitive nature of what’s going on, I’m going to wait until the dust has settled to comment further.

"Sensitive nature, Blizzard? How sensitive could this be really? On one side it is just a mod made from the tool you gave with a purchase of your game. Well, besides the fact that it would have been a huge and very creative one. On the other, maybe this is what the rumored next-gen MMO could be based on? We’ll post any more updates when we get them.

We tried to have an IM chat interview with Ryan tonight but he couldn’t make it due to “something personal.” We wish Ryan the best and hope that this exposure gets him closer to his dream.

Too bad Activision is around.
Does this really surprise anyone?
I don't get it. So this was entirely created using the custom map editor ? So what is Blizzard suing for exactly ? The name ?

If they renamed it to.. uh.. "RPGtronic!!11 2k11 ultra", could they keep it up ?

Or does it go beyond that?
Nah it doesnt. crAptivision sucks man. This is an unfortunate tale of woe. I will be pushing a negative word about these people as far as my social ring stretches.
Lawyers should L2P and get a life. Greedy idiots.

Hang him with the lawyers!

I remeber a while ago somebody was making a Diablo remake or something using the Galaxy Editor, he wasn't sued.

Still, Ryan broke no terms of agreements, so I don't see why crAptivision would sue him other then the name.
This has to just be a cease and desist...theres companies that have stolen more of WoW than just it's name anyway.'s still not that good on Blizzards part,it's pretty petty considering it's a UMS map made using their engine,to be played in their game.
No, I'm a writer who absolutely believes in copyright law; as it's what protects my work along with the work of everybody who does creative things.[quote]

Right. You just cite your sources when you write. Because nobody has ever written about what YOURE DOING RIGHT? YOURE THE FIRST PERSON TO EVER HAVE YOUR IDEAS.

Copyright infringement is a part of every day life, dont kid yourself. Let me see something youve written. Ill show you at least five CURRENT articles that share your ideas. Maybe even a whole paragraph.
and for the record, you quoted me above WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.
I'm going to guess that it's an issue of copyright. Both "Starcraft" and "World of Warcraft" are Blizzard copyrights and "World of Starcraft" is pretty close to home. I bet they are afraid that some people out there are going to think it's an official Blizzard product, which it isn't. I'll wait to see if a name change will smooth things out.
When the hell does the Activish!ttin' - Blizzard contract end?

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