Myco's Guide to Lower Leagued toss players.

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Tis stuff is great... however, recently i have been having problems on choosing a team to... be loyal to. I was wondering if you could help me with the feedback on the Pro/Cons of the protoss/terran/zerg. Or even lead me to another thread. I loved this post and i learned how to survive as a protoss, yet not really "loving" them. Any feedback or advice would be great.

Bona Fortana
Havent checked this thread for a while lol...
Umm idk really what level ur at,but for the 3 race.
Zerg would be probably hardest to master at lower level.You should chooes zerg if you like macro orientated games where you can crush your opponet if you can get eco up and running,also reactive gameplay where you react to ur opponet's tactic through scouting and stuff.
Toss is basicly enjoying strongest army in a 200/200 fight,but require carful positioning and micro to keep units alive,also having harder time early game b4 high tier can come out.
Terran is highly versitile and have some really effective and easy to use unit comp,though terran strat other then mm require some good siegetank positioning and macro to be effective.

You can go to the other race's forum to check out the stickied guides there.
Thank you very much. I'll look into the other races.

Bona Fortana
Should i play prot or zerg!
thread it kinda outdated, metagamed has changed a lot since end of January.
On some parts yes,but most basic mechanics,which is the main focus of this guide,will never change.No matter how different metagame strats have become,the basics of macro(chrono,probe,pylon etc..),as well as the basic timing concept/expo timing would have changed very litlle.
this is very true, basic mechanics will not change through metagame. but strategies will. you don't see anyone going 3 rax repears anymore. true repears were nerfed to hell during that era, but this is mearly an example. i was referring to the part of the guide where it tells you of BO's. but once again, you are right, mechanics will never change. if anything very little, such as walling off for protoss had changed.
Whats pyf?
Also for vr all-in BO.I only do this against zerg from time to time,you can do it against terran who walls as well,but its pretty easily stopped if scouted.Btw this is how I do the build,better version probably exist.
9 Pylon
12 Gate
14 gas
15 pylon
16 core
16 zealot
18 2nd gas.
20 stalker
22 sentry
24 pylon
26 2 more gate
28-30 stargate.(Switch sg to 26 and 2 more gate at 28-30 for quicker voidray but smaller gateway army,risky imo.)
Constant voidray production+gateway production afterward,get a few sentry against zerg,even if it means slowing down vr.
Push out around 7:45-8:00 with 2 vr+around 10 unit gateway ball,constant gateway reinforcement,more voidray if you have the gas.(If zerg is ling/roach heavy for example,stop on sentry/stalker for more vr).Against terran abuse the fact he walled,and snipe his building,as well as use forcefield+stalker to pick off marines(more stalker heavy against terran,early stalker harass also help provoke marauder).

Be very careful not to get it scouted,use stalker to deny overlord scout,and I would not suggest using this build if terran have bunker up.
I understood just fine.
12/19/2011 03:41 PMPosted by LeetroyJnkns
pyf = pack_your_fudge

Well can I get first hit? :D
I would appreciate someone answering my questions, please.

Currently my issue seems to be producing enough units to hold off the early surge of my opponent. At worst I get swamped, at best I'm on my back foot. Generally what should one's standing army be/look like as you prepare to expand? I realize there are no 'definite' answers and a lot depends on scouting. I like to start with a 3 gate/robo and then expand, but I'm seem to always be a little short-handed especially vs. terran. The critical time frame is btw/ 6-9 min into the game....I don't like getting blocked in my base and I definitely like to take the initiative...thanks.
Great guide! it is helping me a lot thks! :D
although zerg in lower ranked all the time rush it with zerlings, I cant really go for fast exp forge yet. :( do you have any advise about that?

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