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This guide is awesome! I really need a mentor! My friends are helping me but I still don't seem to get better. I think having lots of practise partners is a good idea so you can play a game with someone every time you log on and hopefully learn how why what went wrong and how to improve. VMS Can I add you as a friend?
AMAZING GUIDE. As a silver league player these tips are perfect for my newbie brain. Can't wait for my mouse to come in the mail so I can start gaming! Thanks alot!
01/23/2011 01:12 PMPosted by PepsiPoP
Your punctuation and spelling are horrible. Unless you fix it, this guide will be of limited use.

False, his guide serves GREAT use even the way it is. Although he does need to work on his spelling/grammer, that doesnt mean (unless its TERRIBLE like the average 2nd grader) that its not of use.
sure stealthwolf i could try and help i play toss but i'm only high silvers
Im bronze league and this helped me out very very much, in my practise runs i can take 2-3 very hard AIs (I know that isnt very good but to me its amazing)
01/23/2011 12:41 AMPosted by VMSMyco
.Generally speaking,you should never hold your probe production until you are around 80ish probe.
< Most games I can play w/ only 50 probes, and it got my into gold. Typically, the less probes the more units,(what a surprise) and 50 probes is around the good balance as it can almost saturate 2 bases.
i expand at 6 minutes for my natural and 10 for my third. just sayin
it doesnt matter what i do i lose i use chrono boost pop out 5 pylons and i have tried every strategy but no matter what i lose
well screw this i have seen it all i had an army maxed out and i got wiped by 4 protoss zealots and i have had it this game is really f*kin stupid
:D lalala gaggaa
Is there a quick air tutorial around? I'm kind of a newb, got decent macro and suck at protoss. I got the hang of terran & zergs, but I want to learn to defeat protoss mid-late game - so I need to play them, to understand them. A fun build might make me want to try harder learning 'toss. And in broodwar, carriers were pretty fun :D.

Please say nothing about Terran , now Protoss can win Terran really easy, you do not need to do anything, just attack, then win
This seems like a good guide for newer players. Looking over it I would really like to improve the formatting, grammar, and spelling. If I were to re-format each of these posts, would you re-submit them?
I did the courtesy of polishing the first post as an example of what I mean. Forgive me for the length:

I've been mentoring many lower league toss players and I've decided to write out a guide about common problems I noticed/things most people need to work on.

Note: this is a guide intended for bronze/silver players mostly, so you may disagree with some points here and there, but I believe its easier for new players to understand the game first before looking into deeper strategies/micros/etc..

If anyone thinks that there is anything this guide is missing, you are welcome to point it out and I'll gladly add it.

Edit: Added some more tips/info on scouting and responses to certain builds.
Edit: I'm also offering free mentoring to people who need it =D.But plz read my guide first for the basics =D
Edit: YAYY 1k view ^^
Edit: Link to my other 2 guides, both of those are somewhat more advanced, I'd suggest you read this guide first if you’re pretty new.

In-Depth Guide on Protoss Units:
Edit: Due to name change my new name is VMSMyco(It should be VWS >.>) if you want to add me in game. Best idea would be to just go to my mentoring channel.

1.) The Basics

1.1) Probe Production
Perhaps the biggest problem I've noticed among lower leagued players is that they don’t make nearly enough workers. Generally speaking, you should never hold your probe production until you are around 80’ish probes. The key to a powerful army is a strong economy, which is powered by a lot of probes. Don’t worry about how making too many probes is going leave you without enough army, unless you’re going for some rush builds (k4g for example),there is never a time where lots of workers are gonna hurt you. You dont need to make worker non-stop past early game, but you need to remember to chrono boost out a pair of worker once in a while.

1.2) Chrono Boost
Chrono boost is another important thing that most low league players miss. You should never save up chrono boost off 1 base unless you are getting an important tech soon. Toss production and research are fairly slow so chrono boost is essential to keep yourself ahead in a game.

The importance level of things that needs to be chrono boosted are as follows (imo):
Warpgate tech (prob most important tech, worth saving up chrono for)>Extended Thermal Lance/Psi-Storm>Other Upgrades>Robo/Stargate Units>Probes>Warpgates (Late game when you have spare).

Of course you need to use early game chrono boosts wisely. Usually you should chrono out your 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th probes. After that if you do not require a super fast warpgate you can maybe spend another 1-2 chrono on workers, but save at least one for warpgate. In mid-late game once your on 2-3base, you can feel free to chrono anything you need out fast. It will help a lot to get some vital upgrades out.

1.3) Supply
This is yet another common problem. Players tend to either make too many pylons thus wasting valuable resource early on or get supply blocked and have their production halted. Supply block at a bad time can easily cost you the game. It is quite hard to not get supply blocked at all during mid-late game. But I'd suggest that every time you goes through 1 production cycle of units (made some units from your production buildings) add 1 pylon for every base you have and maybe a extra one if you’re going supply costly unit like Colossi. Early game though, a good time to drop your pylon will be: 1st pylon at 9 supply, 2nd at 15-16, third at 22-24, 4th at around 30. This should allow you to stay ahead in supply early game without wasting much resource.

1.4) Production Buildings
1 Protoss base can support a maximum of 4 production buildings continuously making units. So you should not have more then 4 production building when you’re on 1 base. If you are going high tech units such as Colossi off of 1 base, you usually can only support continuous production off of 3 buildings (1 robo 2gates). More importantly, once you have expanded add more production buildings so that you can effectively turn your resources into army. You don’t need another 4 buildings up as soon as your expo is up but get them gradually as you saturate your expansion.
Im sure everyone can piece it together. Besides its not that bad.
I figure this is a good place to add a few things I feel like will help beginners a lot... it helped me after I started doing these things and I've been at masters level more or less since it was part of ladder. Easy stuff to do, but it can make a big difference.

Section A: Building Placement

1. Almost always build gateways/forges/etc. directly touching pylons. --Wall-off situations against Zerg are special so ignore that scenario-- So the benefit is, you can build two gateways/etc. directly to the right or left or up or down of each pylon. If you leave a space, you can only build one, and that's a waste of space.

2. After you build one pylon and say 4 buildings next to it, you can place another pylon in such a way to power at least 2 of the gateways/etc. If you put the pylon next to the other pylon, usually you can apply "safety net pylon power", so that if you lose one pylon your buildings still work.

Example drawing below... p = pylon, G = gateway


So in the example, 2 pylons give power to 8 gateways, and if one pylon gets sniped you are still fine. You used space efficiently and have plenty of room in your base for other stuff.

3. Leave room for non-gateway units to come out of their building.
3.a. Don't block corners of the Nexus or your probe will be stuck.

Example of a bad corner block on a nexus, probes can get stuck: N=nexus, p=pylon


3.b. Don't surround your robo with other buildings or ground units won't pop out.

Section B: Hotkeys

1. Never let your mothership core be hotkeyed in with your main army. You'll never be able to cast forcefield (FF) in time and you will die to Zerg and stuff. If you aren't used to using 2 or 3 hotkeys for your army, just right click the mothership core to follow your biggest unit when moving your army around if you need to.

2. Almost always have high templar on a separate hotkey from your main army. Right click them to follow your main army if you need to.

Section C: Workers

1. If you are losing a lot, often times part of the problem is not enough workers or too many workers.
2. AFTER your first base, where gas timing is special, try building exactly 18 workers for minerals per base FIRST and then add the gas workers. This is a good sort of medium way of judging how many to make.

Section D: Spells

1. Never ever ever use shift to queue up spell casting one spell after another like storm storm storm or FF, FF, FF. It will screw up everything and get you killed. Trust me.
2. When casting forcefield (FF), press F, click, F, click, F, click. This creates a rhythm so that you will more easily place good forcefields and not overlap them.
3. Do use shift queuing to cast a feedback twice then morph to archon when using high templars with low energy... mostly just need to shift queue the very last part, the morph.

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