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01/27/2011 4:16 PMPosted by Nerfalisk
Done! Looking forward to the rest!

ZvP/T tomorrow I promise :) glad to be back I got sucked into wow for a while as I was raging over reapers :( and now I rage over how casual WoW is lol! So I am back where I started basically but bombed my way to bronze and going to work up so I can see what kinds of things I see, and can help accordingly.

I also might start a show like Day[9], for lower leagued players who I will look through replays of a game and give people EASY and SIMPLE fixes to their play, so they can take it to the next level.

Pending me getting off my butt and doing 1v1 laddering instead of working on game theory ;P

Sounds great! I think that's just what this game needs, it hurts me every time I see a bronze with 500+ games played. That may be the biggest reason I made this guide... well that and the fact I can't stand it when a good, well thought out guide gets buried and forgotten. :(
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And whoever reported this thread, get a life.
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THANK YOU! this is awesome :)
How is this not stickied?
The OP has been updated with new links, sorry for the delay... I've been working a lot.

HUGE thanks to Nerfalisk for sending me a massive list of links.

Any help keeping this bumped would be appreciated.

02/01/2011 9:24 AMPosted by Nerfalisk
ZvT guide version 2.0:

Updated, any ETA on ZvP 2.0?
02/05/2011 10:20 PMPosted by Nerfalisk
Working on it now, gimmie a few hours or tomorrow if I pass out ;) Just fine tuning the 4 gate.

Sweet. :)
02/07/2011 12:59 PMPosted by Nerfalisk
ZvP 2.0:

Updated, and now I must thank you on behalf of every Cerebrate in the Swarm.
someone is looking for green text
02/07/2011 11:42 PMPosted by StreakTheFox
someone is looking for green text

I'm no angel, there are far better people around here to be MVP.

I just have a habit of bookmarking every Guide I find, and the other day as I was cleaning up my favorites, I figured I should put them to good use.

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