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01/27/2011 6:04 AMPosted by WalkinDude
This game makes me laugh. I love "EN TARO CUISINE!".

I, like others, have suggestions.

I would like to be able to know the location of the person currently in first place. Not knowing this simply limits me to casting hampering spells on other players as I pass them. Maybe a Crown symbol on the minimap?

Item stealing is fine.

Good job

Agree with that.
Feedback: Master Round - The main ingredient is Zealot - you need to kill other player :)

Some kind of Pvp would be AWESOME!
Aiur Chef is really quite original, and I loved playing with my friend. Although, when the game ends, it is a little abrupt, just a black screen. Also, the camera lock was a tad too close. However, again, it is very fun and enjoyable.

The best voice acting I have ever seen in a game period, lol. I can't remember ever laughing this hard on a game before.

As for the game itself, there just seems like something is missing. The gameplay just isn't very fun. It's not intense or action packed, it just seems like a single player game, with no real goal.

I would like for there to be more interaction between players. As it is, the only interaction seems to be randomly dancing, or occasionally seeing someone on the map. The map is just so huge that everyone goes their own way and avoids all conflict. If the map was smaller, it would force more combat. Maybe make it so there's only 2 of a certain ingredient, so all 10 players have to fight for the only 2.

The gameplay just needs more variety for me to want to come back wanting more.
At the 3rd round beginning when he said the main ingredient i couldn't stop laughing! Ii was like "And the main ingredient is... HIGH TEMPLAR!"
There needs more stuff to do in the game. The idea is cool but it would be cool if we could have some hidden recipies or something to do to cook the food. I feel like it's too simple to only bring ingredients to the center.
This is a lot of fun.

But its not clear what the nukes do and the ending makes it a bit difficult to tell who won. You also don't get to see the points of other players before it ends.
When you kill a little bug and another spawns right on top of it, it seems to bug out. You can't pick up the ingredient or kill the new spawn. You have to wait until the new spawn moves a little bit and you lose valuable seconds.
01/25/2011 1:08 PMPosted by Huginncord
A short time ago we released our first mod maps into the wilds of for you, our loyal players, to play and enjoy.

The purpose of this post, and others like it, is to provide a location for you to alert us to any bugs with the maps themselves and to let us know wha

I agree this part MUST be implemented ^_^
i felt that items were sorta hard to pick up
Good models an ui, good humor.

Lackluster player interaction with other players. (map is to big, and there are to many ingredients so actually fighting over and stealing ingredients is rare.)

Decently entertaining in the end, but replay value is basically zero.

If I was to play again I would suggest decreasing map size, maybe even make time bonuses for first to complete a recipy so it would actually feel like a desperate competition where you can be as cut-throated as you want, steal their items, incapacitate them, blink your way to shave off just a few seconds.

Possibly give players only one recipe each per round with random common ingredients + the main ingredient and only have one recipe turned in per round with a stricter time limit. After every round everyone gets a new spell, and a random 1 use item.
Only played it once, but I greatly dislike the auto follow of the zealot.
The teleport back to the kitchen is way too slow to be useful, especially since it takes up an inventory slot.
Cute, fun. The end should say who won, not just show their cook. Mostly, there should be an achievement for winning. I have some nice achievements, like my couch potato one, and I want an Auir Chef achievement.
sounds fun, cant wait to try!!
I've played this a LOT over the past few days so I hope I can leave some good feedback here.

The primary issues with the game are that it does not pick up quickly enough (the first round has no strong spells or enemies and is thus horribly tedious), and the game is EXTREMELY boring if neither Force Field/Grav Lift (forget the names for them in this map) are obtained in the second round, as that leaves no real way to interfere with other players. Blind/slow is far too weak and unstrategic. Simply obtaining Grav Lift increases the tension of the third round one-hundred-fold because of the instant-kill ability of it against players trying to fight High Templar and the ability to gang up on players easily. Similarly, obtaining Musk in the first round makes the game much more interesting than not if the final round is Ultralisks, while Hallucination has absolutely no use whatsoever since it doesn't even impede movement the way the lings are placed. A weak set of spells results in a hopelessly boring collection-fest that comes down to hitting Dash on cooldown.

Blink negates the Force Field ability which isn't really a good thing because then there's little reason to bother with those.

Also, the point values of recipes really aren't proportionate to the amount of time they take to make, especially the one that requires two Aberration Butter in the High Templar third round and the 75 point recipe (lowest value) when the ingredient is Banana which takes much longer than the other two to make. Perhaps this is strategy but when the best recipes are clearly those that are just gathering ingredients in a small area with no risk it gets dull. I dunno if the map maker wants to take the time to "balance" this game though.

I have not found any bugs, unless you count the fact that Dash stays on cooldown between rounds and nukes continue to target (but not land) after a round ends.

In response to SarahsNanny: "Cute, fun. The end should say who won, not just show their cook."

You need to turn subtitles on, but it does say the player name.

In response to Rodrigo: "We always have 3 options, but the first two suck. Items are useless, so to win you just have to go to the last option."

This actually couldn't be much farther from the truth. With an optimal route, the most valuable recipe actually gives the least points over time in at least half the rounds. Usually the best is the first because you can double up on the two farthest ingredients and make it twice in the time it takes to make the others. There are exceptions like the with the banana where it takes close to half the time to make the third recipe though.

In the end, you see the winner zealot, but I couldn't figure out who he is, and I didn't have time to talk to him. I like to talk to the players after a game.

Agreed 100% with wanting more time to talk with players during and after the game. But like I said, the winner's name just isn't voice-acted so you need subtitles on.
Aiur chef is VERY polished, which is nice. However the gameplay is fairly boring. Just run around and get ingredients, occasionally use an ability to stun your enemy for a second....Also I agree that after the map fades out to black, the game continues to run for a minute so that players can talk about the game.
This was my least favourite of the 3.

In my experience, I didn't feel a challenge... the only challenge being, go faster than the other player... but there should be more to do... more resistance or something, so the map is not just a mindless, run here, get this, go back, ok now again.

or perhaps that is the whole point, and this map is just not for me.

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