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It needs the ability to autostart or be able to votekick the host, once the lobby is full. I have yet to start playing because there has been the same afk host for about 2 hours now, someone else in the lobby for the game quoted me this person was afk for 8 hours.
The rounds were short which led to a short game in my opinion. It would be better if rounds were longer, and maybe had a few key ingredients with maybe even the scores unknown so people have to figure out what to cook. Definitely needs more rounds.

The game itself was lacking any depth. I played it once, got top score because the theory behind it is simple. I feel like its a start, but not exactly a great one. Would be nice to see maybe a map that is sectioned off into different parts so each round has a new layout for people to figure out (and that could be selected at random so that the best can't be prepared) and I'd also like to see things in it like walls or points being stolen or teleporters, which would change up the duller gameplay of running across the map and then returning. Also, add some speed to the zealots because they just felt like I was moving a tank.

As far as the lobby goes, join together all of the teams into 1 so that I can join the game WITH my friends in my party. Even though it is a FFA, it doesn't mean we should drop parties for it.
It was fun. I enjoyed playing it, but there seemed to be something missing. It's a cute game, and a great idea (the best sounding of the mods upon first glance) but it didn't really feel "worth it".

I had issues with dropping items. If you hover over the item, you can read how to drop stuff, but it didn't make sense, and I was in the heat of the battle anyway, so I didn't really bother to actually slow down and read the whole thing. But I'm not sure how to drop items. However it is, I'm sure it's inefficient.
Played and enjoyed, by far the map with the most potential of the three (Starjeweled, L2Die, and Aiur Chef).

First, the big problem: Agreed that lacking player interaction (aside from stealing) makes for dull, repetitive game play. Expanding the inventory would help facilitate the desire to make recipes with bonus inventory items. While letting players use their basic attacks on each other is probably a bad idea, there does need to be a variety of non-point rewards for recipes to encourage PvP - maybe making all the recipes award random bonus abilities/items/triggered spells but equal (base) points, still making it detrimental to repeat a single recipe over and over.

Example: cooking recipe C for a round awards points and causes everyone else on the map to aggro everything in a small AoE, whereas cooking recipe B awards the same amount of points and causes everyone else to dance for X seconds.

Second problem: camera lock. There's no good reason for this, and there really ought to be an option to turn it on or off like there was in Sentry Scramble. Not to mention it also doesn't help player interaction when you can't see when you should use your abilities to disrupt other players the most, like causing the mass dance panic when several people are fighting ultralisks.

Third problem: lack of control groups - often I wanted to assign my zealot to a single number key while selecting other units. While I seem to be the only one so far with this complaint, it also matters when controlling hallucinations.

Minor problem: there doesn't seem to be a whole lack of variety in set ability bonuses gained from recipes either.
This game honestly, is really not that fun... Just running around collecting items and the one who does it quickest wins... it just wasn't my thing. Star Jeweled was a bit better, but still not as fun as the other featured games out there.
IT IS TERRIBLE.... My advice is to delete it now. Find who ever made this horrible atrocity and set their computer aflame. Also take it off featured, its not a good game and its clogging up the first page making it even harder for GOOD games to be seen.
Protoss can't eat. They absorb sunlight like plants. So Aiur Chef is pretty goofy.
I like the overall game idea (but yes the camera needs to be pulled back slightly) but when I play it (even by myself, i.e. no network players) it lags like no body's business over and over saying "waiting for server" or such until I get booted from my own game. Every time, very quickly. (Can't find the post-beta form if there is one).
I know other people have said some of these things before, but I just want to state my opinion.
1. Why did you remove this game from the top of the list? it fell to page 4 or 5 and you have to have a party do it to have a good game nowadays.
2. godforsaken camera lock makes me horribly claustrophobic. It was removed temporarily and that was AMAZING. Anyways, if you could just make it a little bigger, that would be nice.
3. The game is short, and the ending makes me feel like I hit a brick wall, especially if I lost.
4. the game needs more meaning... it feels like collecting random crap to get points. Minigames or special rounds would be nice.
5. The stealing is really annoying, and some folks just sit baack while i slay ultralisks for them, there needs to be time for the killer of the unit to gather when others are watching.

The good sides to this game:
1. the concept is an interesting one.
2. the announcer cracks me up.
3.cheesy food name puns are kinda funny.
4. the landscape is really cool looking.

That is all that I have to say, this game needs improvement, and a way to find it easily.
The game IS fun, but it lacks certain elements. Its much to short, and the gameplay is kind of repetitive. The camera lock is annoying and the items (hearthstone etc.) take up space in your inventory, so you can't use them practically. Its still a fun game. I love how the chef is like "ENTARO CUISINE!!!"

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