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A short time ago we released our first mod maps into the wilds of Battle.net for you, our loyal players, to play and enjoy.

The purpose of this post, and others like it, is to provide a location for you to alert us to any bugs with the maps themselves and to let us know what you think of each of the maps.

Thank you for giving the new maps a spin and we look forward to hearing what you think of Left 2 Die!
Difficulty could be improved though..
Option for it?
Like Casual, Normal, Hard, Brutal like the campaign?
It's fun, but too easy. Stimmed MM tears through everything too quickly...maybe give the Infested more splash damage?
How do you change the difficulty? I've only seen normal, which is really really easy once you figure out where to place your first bunkers, then you just stay on the high ground a destroy everything.

Also siege tanks are REALLY over powered when you get them. Put two/three at each high ground with one bunker of marines can hold off infinity zerg. There needs to be more zerg forces, mutas, broodlords, ultras, maybe more hydras/roaches during night time and not just when you kill buildings during the day. Since there's nothing to kill the tanks, them can hold off way more than they should WITH repairing they just feel broken.
Love it! There should be brutal, hard, normal, and casual. I've never checked this out, but can you "Feature" this map or put it on the public "Join Games". It would recieve a lot more attention.

I heard the 4th game (forgot what it was called) was coming out soon. Any idea on that?
Is it possible to enable the Night 2 Die option?
I think the game would be much more fun if it's 4 player instead of 2 player.

Also, the map should be way bigger.

Regular mob should have much higher hp but slower move speed.

Terrain can also be improved by making it more city-like, adding a lot more little objects.
A little too easy, finished the game under 45 minutes, with my ally didn't know what to do at the beginning. The waves could be make 20-30% harder, right now, all you need to do is just to pump marines and make a few bunkers and you don't have to worry about anything pretty much. Also should set the game speed to fastest.
Interesting take on Halo Reach Firefight mechanic (and Gears of War before). I enjoyed this map but all in all felt it could have used a little extra. Maybe its just too similar to the campaign level but i really feel this map could go along way with an addition mechanic or mini game to really set this map apart.
Is it still up? I can't find it.
It was cool to see the new features added like the science facility and zerg infestation units. Was fun like the mission but waaaaaaaaaay to easy. If you could select a difficulity that would be great. I almost wanted to attack the structures during the night to speed it up and a little more of a challenge.

Was hard to find on the list since I just was using the custom game filter instead of the all since this is a co op vs AI.
you can attack at night, it won't scratch you at all at 3/3, completable in under 20 minutes.
As a side note, 1 planetary fortress+ 6 SVC's+ a few marines to kill spotters= completely unfailable. The stank barely even touches it especially if you put marines on the high ground. The zerg really really need more air units, or more "overwhelming numbers" mechanics, I had one PF with over 200 kills alone. Even without the PF get 2 tanks on the high ground at each location, few marines for AA, and same deal, unfailable. You could afk and still not lose. The endless night one sounds quite awesome, but I havn't found it yet.

I do like the idea of this being 4 player as well, that'd be very impressive. Perhaps you could allow 2 people to play as the zerg, and allow them to create special units and such? Allows more for human control and evolution of play styles. A human player would never allow one PF to stop him indefinitely. Though I do think the zerg should be limited to only making units at night, and during the day spreading the infestation.
There needs to be more evident difficulty settings. WE completely stomped it on our first try. didn't even lose a bunker except 1 vs. a super ultralisk (stink or whatever)
I'm reminded of the mission in "Utter Darkness" in the protoss mini-campaign. Perhaps a co-op version of that would be fun? :D That was always my favorite mission.
Needs more players and difficulty option
I'd suggest a few things to both mix it up and further the source parody:

-Witch variant. Something that hangs out among the buildings during the day, to punish you if you just send a group out to wreak havoc and tend to your base without paying attention. Perhaps a unit with extremely high stats but a limited lifespan, that starts counting down when you wake it up.

-Horde events. Maybe a group of regular enemies with enhanced speed to rush your defenses, at random times and possibly triggered by certain activities, such as buying a science facility upgrade during the night and setting them off with the dropship noise (making you decide between a needed reinforcement and increasing the danger). I realize the nydus worms probably represent this, but they didn't pose much threat when I played, especially when spawning in siege-tank proximity.

-Finale. A final rush after the buildings have been wiped out, with a much bigger and more dangerous horde than a normal night. I would suggest tying it to the number of days passed, and beefing it up accordingly. The more time you spend consolidating a major defense, the more you'll have to deal with, and likewise, spending the resources on a faster building assault might leave those night defenses weak.

-More Special Infested abilities. Give Hunterlings something similar to that special shield that nullifies damage over a certain amount, and if possible have them prioritize siege tanks, have Kaboomers summon more enemies if their attack hits, etc.
please add difficulty options.
Just beat brutal by day three or four (whichever one spawns the Nydus) with only Stimmed Marines and Medics A-moving. This was my 4th attempt at the game at any difficulty.

I agree with other sentiments that there needs to be more splash or anti-light to make this an impossibility. I shouldn't be able to just slam down 5 rax, 3 tech labs, 2 reactors, and spam A and E until I win the game. I was getting Firebats and eventually tech-reactors as well, but really just to burn through my bio-mass. My ally was doing the same.

Some specific feedback:
    - After you're at 3/3 your bio ball is invincible and need only stim to dodge between two entrances to cover your base. After it hits 150-200/200 you can attack at night and not lose a thing.
    - Mech seems pointless, infantry rip everything apart as it is.
    - There is a learning curve, but it plateaus almost immediately.
    - Too easy to just build one massive army and bounce between hot-zones, particularly after a spawn point or two have been burned.

Suggestions for improvement:
    - Make zerg base defenses stronger. If the zerg had a standing army in their base for defense it would prevent the bio ball from just rolling them, particularly if they had Infestors with ensnare to eat up medic energy.
    - Add more boomers to the mix. They do a great job of soaking infantry fire and dishing out the hurt. If they where a bit more prevalent you would need to invest in Tanks. With more boomers, Spotters become more dangerous as well, making Goliaths a great pick too. You could also add stranglers earlier, letting you pull infantry off the line for some attrition kills.
    - More horde! Make us want to invest in splash damage like Firebats, Spider Mines, and Siege Tanks. If faster units where mixed in there would also be more encouragement to get perdition turrets and build static defenses to stall for my standing army to move to defend and/or encourage me to split my army and manage a two front battle.

The game is a lot of fun and has a ton of potential, but it's pretty easy to solve with low-tech units at the moment.

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