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I'm pretty sure this has to be the record for Left 2 Die on Night 2 Die mode.

ghouseblk and I just surpassed the 1hr 25 minute mark.


SS -> http://i.imgur.com/GWKFL.jpg
Awsome game, though i could beat it solo.... maybe add difficulty to it like med. and such.
Briefing bug:

Started a game and the briefing came in a few seconds into the Doctor's speech. Then the whole cinematic got stuck when the virophage was shown infesting buildings. I voted to skip but my partner was either unwilling or unable to do so for 4 minutes 20 seconds, after which I left.
Okay I've played "The Left 2 die, Enhanced" map... and has anyone beaten the OP nydus worm that pops up, because if we get past that, the game will actually be enjoyable :O

how do u play it?
Sakka, use Odin's barrage attack to kill it instantly. Just make sure not to wipe out your own base in the process. Many times have I seen barrage used in this map to kill the Nydus, only to kill 10 tanks and a fort at the same time. Very careful, you should be.

Good luck
It's a fun map the first few times you play it. Then it get sort of boring because after the initial night and the next night period, it just gets too easy because your production and defenses catches up to the incoming attack waves so much faster. If the map was a lot bigger that would be cool. Also making it so that we need more than to research medic (and tech reactors if you really want the extra medics) would be awesome. Most MMM balls stomp everything the AI throws at you. Being able to play as a different race would also be cool, but I guess the "Story" of it would not make much sense at that point.

Left 2 Die Enhanced! is also terrific because of the greater options as far as tech goes, but the map is too small to allow you to go all the way up to allowing Thor's in bunkers. It barely lets you get up to Thors in general unless you intentionally not attacking at all (I like Thors :3).
Was not too difficult, on the "enhanced" custom map, once u set in the proper fortifications. I stopped playing at 3 hours 25 minutes because I was bored with it.

Here's the screenshot:

I'll try not to give away how I did it completely, but it should be something you can figure out from the picture.
a 4 player version sounds cool but it couldn't be called Left2Die. It would have to be called Left4Zerg or something. The creators of Left4dead probaly wouldn't enjoy a name that close.

also, Hunterling=hunter, Kaboomer=boomer, choker=smoaker, spotter=spitter, stank=tank, so what do the charger, jockey , and witch translate into zerg.

possible charger: chargerling/chargerlisk, a form of pigalisk

possible jockey:Flockey/shockey, a broodling or drone (note: flockey if they come in groups, shockey if thy are some how can shock you)

possible witch: Twitch, KERRIGAN DUH!, this would be a good idea if the "twitch" was used the way Rhekarid said.

if the "twitch" got to hard for noobs it's nickname would be "glitch".
4player version would be fun, but the map would have to be heavily expanded to make it work. More base space obviously, and enough zerg to make it a challenge. Although you could just drastically increase the health of the buildings, as well as the damage on the spine crawlers and infested marines.
This concept is really damn amazing me and a bud are getting demolished on the left 2 die night 2 die mode. some thoughts? maybe some new maps new enimeis. maybe some new units? possibly a hero unit for each player also maybe the concept of a 4 play co op. then again the whole point is for 2. just my suggestions =/ good game blizzard seriously pat your selves on the back
The mod is awesome, let me just say, Blizzard made scenario mods make me happy.

But I have a major problem with Left 2 Die. In the Night 2 Die mode there is a massive difference between the two spawn points. The top entrance is easy to defend, while the bottom spawn is nearly impossible by comparison. After trying the exact same strat that my buddy was using (to great success I might add) at the north entrance I could not last for more then a few minutes. Upon watching the replays over and over I've got it figured out.

When the units spawn (including the special units) and head for the south gate they converge and then move into the gate as one large mass. At the north gate they spawn and then stream into the gate in a narrow line from the west and east. This might not seem like a big deal but let us look at the same strat used in both locations.

3 bunkers on the low ground, 4 Marines in each, 3 SCVs behind them to repair.

In the north the units stream in 3 or 4 abreast from the east and west hugging the walls of the gate. This means that when the jumpers go for the SCVs behind the bunkers they are killed nearly instantaneously as the marines have fewer targets in front of them. In fact the waves of units are kept at bay with virtually no damage taken by the bunkers.

From the south the whole gate clogs with enemies in a solid wall of 10+ across. This means that the marines in the bunkers never stop shooting in front of them, or when they do turn to kill the jumper specials they dont kill them fast enough and the SCVs are toast. The wall of units hit the bunkers and they go down before another SCV can make it out there.

The way the enemy units approach the gates makes the southern gate much MUCH harder to defend then the northern gate.
04/05/2011 09:19 AMPosted by TKDdans

"You have voice disabled." :)

i did not see this threat before, and i am still reading through it, but i could have sworn there was an achievement for getting to wave 20 in night 2 die, i finally got to wave 25 in night 2 die with a friend after mannnnyyyyy attempts, to not get the achievement, but i know i saw their was a wave 20 achievement, im curious why it was removed??
Does this map still exist?

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