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Hard mode feedback:

Can be done solo. Took me 53 minutes but is doable, even with only 200/200 as opposed to 400/400.
Noticeable upgrades on zombies quicker, but rate does not match personal upgrades, therefore it is still relatively easy to 3/3 on bio army and rampage through most of the map before zombies get 3/3.
Night time hunting is more dangerous due to spawning of those bigger things at each building, there takes more time to complete, up from 20ish on normal to 30ish on hard due to need of a bigger army size to start night hunts.

Again, what works for normal works for hard. Need more special zombies to deal with bio army. Boomer AOE radius should get larger the harder the mode is. Choker and Boomer should spawn together, and other special combos to make it harder on the players. Maybe it is in brutal I don't know.

Recommendation: Harder difficulties should reduce starting gas, so as to prevent players from being able to immediately start upgrade path. Mineral patches should contain less minerals on harder modes to force players to expand during daytime as well instead of camping every night in just one base.

Really fun map, although I have to agree it wasn't obvious there were more difficulty levels at first.

I've been playing a lot of Night 2 Die with my friend and we're finding once we get to about wave 13/14 it seems we reach a point where the minerals run out while at the same time the enemy becomes just too overwhelming. We sort of felt this was the 'end game' point but we kind of wanted more.
My only request is that the zerg needs more anti-infantry units. It's way too tempting to just mass marine/medic on every single difficulty and get away with it. Mix things up so we're encouraged to get more unit types.

Maybe reintroducing the Lurker?

Maybe reintroduce the cerebrate, but now as an offensive anti-infantry unit :D

but seriously, lurker's an anti-armor unit. Only good vs. infantry because it does splash damage. (and that is solved by not having them form a good straight line)
Played last night on normal first time walked through it no problem, but then went to hard and that was a different story lot harder i would hate to see what brutal and night 2 die are like but we will find out.
I can't find this map. I have chef and starjeweled but can't find this one.
If there is a difficulty option, then I didn't see it. Played it once and it was easy, just mass vultures.
I loved this campaign mission as it is one of the more unique ones. However as a custom map the transition is rougher as it mostly feels like a longer version of that campaign mission.

Personally, i find that this map is trying to combine offense and defense which it doesn't do very well.

Here are a few suggestions.

1. Focus more on the defensive aspect of the game.
2. Increase the base size which would allow more siege tanks to be positioned properly.
3. Increase the variety of zerg units. More ultras, mutas, infestors, broodlords.
4. Introduce the viking to counter zerg flying armored units.
5. When finishing a wave have a warning tell the players what the next wave of enemies will mostly compose of. This will allow players to build accordingly to what they need. Hopefully this will force the players to mix different unit types together.
6.Definetely keep the zerg heroes but let them have more devastating effects.
7. Biomass is a great idea.

Perhaps make it so a player or two can control the zerg? That would be less dull imo.
Great mod, absolutely love it. The only thing I would change is to make Biomass a tradeable resource. That way you can quickly grab a higher level tech sooner rather than later during the harder difficulty settings. If you don't want the easier levels to be simpler you could make it so trading Biomass is only available when playing Hard and Brutal settings.

Also, make the map larger and/or more dynamic. As it is it is very simple.
Left to Die 2, was OKAY but not all that great, it felt like a rip off of the campaign mission, but witha few added features and a Dumbed AI., it needs difficulty options, a bigger map, more units, more suprises and up to a 3 person mode
I feel like there isn't enough diversity in the units you can get. There are several units that overlap:
The goliath's anti-air role doesn't add anything that marines can't already do, and marines can be healed by medics and mass-produced early.
The hellion and the firebat are basically the same unit. Firebats can hide in bunkers or get healed by medics, but with proper micro hellions can do a lot more damage, and with the infernal pre-igniter upgrade, you could line them up in any choke and they will clean up an infinite number of non-special zerg units, especially with SCVs repairing.
The marauder is useless, except against the special zerg. The vulture does more damage to every other unit in the game (including the buildings, because the buildings are light), and they can be massed from a reactored factory for less crystal and no gas.
The reaper has the exact same use as the vulture, except that the reaper has less health, range, and costs more.

Seige tanks are way too good. I could put two or three seige tanks on each of the cliffs around my base and, combined with a few missile turrets, I could go to work and come home and still be racking up kills.


Enable the goliath range upgrade at the factory's tech lab. This will turn it into a more static defense unit, like the thor vs. mutalisks. It's low mobility, especially inside a crammed base, limit its anti air effectiveness. With higher range, it won't overlap with marines or missile turrets. It's ground attack is a joke when compared to the hellion or the vulture, and there is such a low number of air units in the game that the multi-lock system barely changes the gameplay.

Remove the firebats area of effect upgrade, and give it the juggernaut plating. That will make them a highly effective meatshield when combined with medics. Right now, there is no good tank unit in the game, except the planetary fortress. The marauder has high health, but its range causes it to attack from behind marines.

I can't think of anything for the marauder. It's concussive shells are okay, but all the units in the game are already so slow kiting is easy.

Same thing for reapers. They're terrible against every special zerg.

Tune the seige tank damage down a little, maybe down to 35/50, like in multiplayer. This would mean that siege tanks wouldn't be capable of slaughtering huge groups of units instantly, and wouldn't be useless against the special zerg.

Something I really want to see added is the ghost. I don't know if it would be too powerful for the game, because of its bonus vs. light, but I would like to see a spellcaster in the game. It would turn the bigger battles into more than 1a2a battles, and snipe would be a highly useful spell vs. the special zerg (maybe too useful? take the damage down a little maybe?), but it wouldn't be free damage, like siege tanks. You would actually have to be paying attention to you defense to use it. You'd obviously have to upgrade them at the science facility, and definitely no nukes.

That's pretty much all my suggestions. If I've got anything wrong, feel free to comment.

Left 2 Die

  • A 2 player's map? Are you serious? It should be AT LEAST 4 players.

  • The game is fun, but it's too easy. Any bronze player can easily beat it attacking at night. I beat in my first game, so I don't want to play anymore because I already won!

  • People will play it a few times, beat it, and they will never play it again. So, this map will soon disappear in the current popularity system (unless Blizzard plans to feature it forever).

Score: B

Love the map, its kinda easy tho. The thing that keeps me playing it more and more is the new Mercinary Reaper Death Head. Which I think is totally BA. Just wonder if you guys are gonna put the new mercenary units in the campaign mode?
to those who say this map should be a 4 player map:

it is called Left 2 Die. Just as Left 4 dead is a four player game, and it's name reflects this. The naming of these was not chosen because four and for sound the same, or to and two, but also because of the number of players.

Think about it.
Great game! I love the new special zerg units, although they are very tough. They require you to really decide on a strategy to beat the game. I have tried to beat it by myself like 10 times on Brutal, and I still haven't been able to. I guess I will actually need to find an ally online to help me hehe.

Maybe this would be imbalanced, but I think that it would be helpful to have reapers to cost just a little bit less biomass--maybe 80 or 90. I would like to try them out, but with the high cost, I don't see the benefit in purchasing it when I can nearly get tanks by then.
Just beat brutal by day three or four (whichever one spawns the Nydus) with only Stimmed Marines and Medics A-moving. This was my 4th attempt at the game at any difficulty.

I agree with other sentiments that there needs to be more splash or anti-light to make this an impossibility. I shouldn't be able to just slam down 5 rax, 3 tech labs, 2 reactors, and spam A and E until I win the game. I was getting Firebats and eventually tech-reactors as well, but really just to burn through my bio-mass. My ally was doing the same.

Some specific feedback:

- After you're at 3/3 your bio ball is invincible and need only stim to dodge between two entrances to cover your base. After it hits 150-200/200 you can attack at night and not lose a thing.
- Mech seems pointless, infantry rip everything apart as it is.
- There is a learning curve, but it plateaus almost immediately.
- Too easy to just build one massive army and bounce between hot-zones, particularly after a spawn point or two have been burned.

How did you guys survive the 2 Stanks at night 3 (maybe 4) with just infantry? Did you use the high ground or something? I say this because I seem to need bunkers and a few tanks to take him down without suffering huge base damage since he kills open field infantry pretty well.
I really liked it, still, I found it to be too easy, even when it was my first time playing it, and I had no idea about the mechanics, all I did was Marine+Medics; even in the Dark, the Zerg didn't stand a chance.
I didn't like the only factory unit at the beginning being vultures. I ended up lifting off my factory to use for sight simply because vultures are not as appealing as marines, which can stim and be healed by medics. Most upgrades take to much bio mass to care about investing, by the time I could get tanks I already had 200/200 army and didn't bother to land my factory.
Hellions instead of vultures for the starting factory unit

I saw that the special infected spawned by orbital drops, while this is cool I feel cheated because there are no explosions. Have a few of the special infected (along with some zerg) drop into the base at harder times (possibly even during the day.) Maybe make raynor send down some orbital justice as well.
suggestion: more orbital drops for zerg and raynor.

i dont c how to make it a harder difficulty :(
01/28/2011 12:57 PMPosted by edwardtorres
i dont c how to make it a harder difficulty :(
The only way you can change the difficulty is by playing it by yourself in your vs AI selection menu, or you can co-op with a friend, but the difficulty setting is to the side.

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