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Anyone able to solo Night 2 Die mode? I made it pretty far, but failed after the Spotters starting to show up. I think you should make a Solo Night 2 Die mode.
you can change the difficulty. just before u start the game there is a drop down arrow.
show the difficulty mode, reduce the lag for late game and i would like to see more ulltras XD
PS. it would be awesome if you can choose your own race, otherwise is just like campaign mode
01/25/2011 8:19 PMPosted by Unneta
Is it possible to enable the Night 2 Die option?

i like your idea 'Night 2 Die" XD it makes sense
Way to easy, all you need are marines, i never had to add or upgrade defenses the game was over after the wave they break through the barriers. that being said a game that last too long would be annoying so its a difficult balance to strike I guess.
I'd recommend giving zerg units increasing attack and defense over time and giving terran units experience to up attack and defense.
Spread the 2 terrans apart further and have infested spawn between them as well, it would make it possible but harder to support each other.
Adding heroes could potentially make this game better.
There aren't enough mineral patches. Once you mine one out, your income gets cut drastically and there goes your army.
1. It's too easy in its current form.

2. The map is too small currently. It doesn't feel any larger than the campaign version of Outbreak. It could feel epic if it were larger.

3. The map is too boring--just a mass of Zerg buildings with a few units thrown in. What about adding rescuable groups of allies, like in the Zero Hour campaign mission? Or something else to spice it up a bit?

You could have the rescuable groups be units that weren't otherwise available to train or buy. Rescuing them would unlock them at your barracks/factory/starport and significantly bolster your defense. They could be guarded by a challenging army of Zerg units. Players could kill the Zerg defense force to get to them, but they'd risk losing most of their forces and not being able to survive the night.
I agree, it's a really nice mode but way too easy.
it would be 100000x better if you increase the infested buildings' hp by like 200%
Difficulty ramps up a lot between normal and hard. Normal was pretty easy but hard was impossible for me. Stank does too much damage to buildings - it keeps destroying my command center on hard. I wish we could have a natural expansion inside the base on harder modes. Also I wish we could build either science vessels or ravens.
Great map! This was one of my fave levels in the campaign. However its a little too easy. Also it would be nice if you can add more players. Maybe make it a 2-4 player game.

Also the stanks only seem to attack from one side...
What if you decreased the supply limit? Or maybe just make like a "sole survivors" mode with less supply. That way you would probably have to use better units than marines/medics to win. But then you wouldn't have enough supply for a big enough force of tanks, goliaths, etc. Maybe if all the units cost the same supply? I don't know, that's just what I think.
This is my favorite of the new custom games, but I honestly think it's way too easy. I'm only in bronze league and I can complete this with a friend in twenty to thirty minutes. Any way to add more distance/buildings to the map?
The difficulty option should really be chosen in game. currently you have to limit criteria to co-op vs ai to see any of the other difficulty modes that are being played.

Difficulty ramps up far more than the original campaign

Normal plays like normal, hard plays harder than brutal, and brutal is far beyond anything in the campaign (except lost viking of course!).

Noticed a possible bug, the spotters have really low attack priority (lower than the normal zombies) which makes it difficulty to kill them, while they ruin your defense structures.

Spotters probably need to be rebalanced as a whole (atleast for brutal and maybe hard). I would start by removing its attack entirely. On brutal it is already bad enough when they come in groups, where each spotter disables 1-2 buildings, usually crucial bunkers. Having to have so many missle turrets just to kill them is an unrealistic strain on resources. There range feels longer than that of a marine, and with its high hp and low priority targeting level its actually quite hard to take them down. There attack allows them to beat missile even without their spewing crap.

Bio-mass costs don't seem balanced, and are overall unappealing. Firebat at 60 doesn't feel like its worth it when its worse than helions at 40. Medics, improve bunkers, and siege tanks feel about the right price, but everything else is a little to expensive. The units you get when you spend bio-mass don't feel like the right quantity, instead of 2 elite hellions 4 would be better.
The map feels really short. Even if increasing difficulty. Once you kill the buildings, you're done. Seems like a "survive this many waves" would be more enjoyable or make the buildings harder to kill during the day with a larger map and increased number of buildings. Being able to have 2-4 players would be nice too. I also noticed the Stanks didn't get burned out when daylight came. I'm not sure if that's a bug or the way it's supposed to be.
they do get burnt, just takes a while, it damage over time, not instant death for everything that touches daylight
01/27/2011 10:53 PMPosted by Shadow
I feel like there isn't enough diversity in the units you can get. There are several units that overlap:
The goliath's anti-air role doesn't add anything that marines can't already do, and marines can be healed by medics and mass-produced early.
The hellion and the firebat are basically the same unit. Firebats can hide in bunkers or get healed by medics, but with proper micro hellions can do a lot more damage, and with the infernal pre-igniter upgrade, you could line them up in any choke and they will clean up an infinite number of non-special zerg units, especially with SCVs repairing.
The marauder is useless, except against the special zerg. The vulture does more damage to every other unit in the game (including the buildings, because the buildings are light), and they can be massed from a reactored factory for less crystal and no gas.
The reaper has the exact same use as the vulture, except that the reaper has less health, range, and costs more.

Seige tanks are way too good. I could put two or three seige tanks on each of the cliffs around my base and, combined with a few missile turrets, I could go to work and come home and still be racking up kills.


Enable the goliath range upgrade at the factory's tech lab. This will turn it into a more static defense unit, like the thor vs. mutalisks. It's low mobility, especially inside a crammed base, limit its anti air effectiveness. With higher range, it won't overlap with marines or missile turrets. It's ground attack is a joke when compared to the hellion or the vulture, and there is such a low number of air units in the game that the multi-lock system barely changes the gameplay.

Remove the firebats area of effect upgrade, and give it the juggernaut plating. That will make them a highly effective meatshield when combined with medics. Right now, there is no good tank unit in the game, except the planetary fortress. The marauder has high health, but its range causes it to attack from behind marines.

I can't think of anything for the marauder. It's concussive shells are okay, but all the units in the game are already so slow kiting is easy.

Same thing for reapers. They're terrible against every special zerg.

Tune the seige tank damage down a little, maybe down to 35/50, like in multiplayer. This would mean that siege tanks wouldn't be capable of slaughtering huge groups of units instantly, and wouldn't be useless against the special zerg.

Something I really want to see added is the ghost. I don't know if it would be too powerful for the game, because of its bonus vs. light, but I would like to see a spellcaster in the game. It would turn the bigger battles into more than 1a2a battles, and snipe would be a highly useful spell vs. the special zerg (maybe too useful? take the damage down a little maybe?), but it wouldn't be free damage, like siege tanks. You would actually have to be paying attention to you defense to use it. You'd obviously have to upgrade them at the science facility, and definitely no nukes.

That's pretty much all my suggestions. If I've got anything wrong, feel free to comment.

>>Something I really want to see added is the ghost.
And the limit to the amount of nukes you can have is limited bythe amount of space left inside your base once you get the tech.
the only "bug" i saw was that my SCVs were automatically attacking the zerg when they were supposed 2b auto reparing my bunkers... i think the difficultly variations should b voted on by the players, with it meeting in the middle if the players dont agree. I think this is a great game otherwise, and hope to c more creative thinking coming out of blizz.
I finished my first game about 5 mins ago. Its a great game, but a little easy. Possible recommentation:

1) give more hitpoints to the mobs
2) more "special" units and bosses, but give less biomass points
3) less starting resources
4) have mobs attack the sides earlier.. maybe after the 3rd or 4th night?
5) After getting seige tanks.. it was really really easy.. maybe increase cost of that unit?
6) more air mobs?
7) add more defense to the zerg areas?

Like i said, it was fun, but increase the difficulty a bit

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