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More Multiplayer options please! 2-4 would be great! Best thing about SC2 is coops with a lot of people.
I think a more interesting interesting mechanic would be if only a small number of buildings were infected at the start - say 10 or so distributed around the map - and rather than destroying the buildings, you merely purified them, destroying the infection but leaving the building. This leaves room for - if you haven't guessed it - more buildings to become infected every night. The further the game goes, the more thorough you have to be with your cleansing in order to have a chance at survival, until eventually you build up the forces to destroy a very very powerful Virophage in order to end the infection for good.

Enemy units becoming faster and more destructive, rather than simply spawning more per building, would also be preferable.

And for the marine/medic balls... I believe the proper zerg response is banelings correct? Could we get some more baneling action going on?
I played left 2 die. As a not-so-pro player, I found it way too easy.
Let Kerrigan be the Witch! Just kidding of course, but that would be cool, wouldn't it?

Seriously though, the 2 Siege Breakers given at the tech-up DESTROY the Horde, give them a unit that can take it and keep attacking.
I say don't even give us the two extra units for teching up. there is already a display saying what the tech up is anyways.

Also, when the nydus worm appears, anyway you can move it further away from the main base. Every time its close it gets murdered by my units before it even 'shoots" anything out. make it so we have to chase after it with our ground units. That would make it really fun!

Blizzard I have a huge complaint! the difficulty setting was way too easy to find! It's ridiculous that it should be that easy!!

In other news i really enjoyed this game, and i'm really looking forward to playing on hard and brutal lol. My only complaint for now is that it's only two player, and only terran are in it. I agree with the above poster that we need a two-player in utter darkness protoss level.
Played a bit more.

Special infested are announced far to late, they have already attacked you before you get the alert.

Hunterlings, kaboomers, stanks, all feel balanced even on brutal (right hp, right damage, right abilities.) I'm not sure whether or not I consider the infestor unit to much or too little. I think nydus worms are a bit much on brutal, where I would would wish for a stank instead (but not to hoping and praying for one instead, yet.) Spotters I think are way to much on brutal, I believe they are the main reason for the soaring difficulty levels between normal, hard, and brutal. with 350 health, 4 range, and as far as I can tell a lower attacking priority they are difficult to kill. Add onto this good damage with 11 vs all and 21 to buildings and the being able to disable two buildings make them the most dreadful infested to fight aside from the stank. On brutal they come in pairs of two, being able to disable 4 structures and then kill them along with several marines makes them nightmarish. The removing and killing of structures (particularly bunkers) and requiring space and resources be allocated to another structure to counter them (which can then be shut down if there isn't enough) makes these things frustrating and possibly unfun to deal with.

Short version.
I like Stanks, Kaboomers, hunterlings and consider them balanced.
I am nuetral to the infestors
I dislike nydus worms, they seem several grades more difficult to deal with then stanks. I also dislike the aesthetic of them on the map, they don't really fit with everything else.
I hate spotters. On brutal they are too difficult to counter. waves of two at a time disable 4 buildings, missile turrets to counter them end up being disabled. Damage and health too much.

Suggestions: Remove the spotters attack, and reduce hp. This sets them up to be support units instead of "oh your screwed" units. Possibly make spawns only one together at a time.

Remove nydus, create a more appropriate "Second boss" unit. Possibly use the bunker turned infested moving monster model showcased at blizzcon. Have "siesmic disturbances" and have two worms burrow under bunkers (one from north and one from south.) 1 hit kos bunker and units and makes another boss. (could have different attacks for every different type of unit killed in the bunker.)

Overall I really like hard mode so far, but I think the jump in difficulty from hard to brutal is too much, especially when there is a difficulty above that in night 2 die.
Played it on Brutal but couldnt quite finish after they started spawning Nydus Canals.

The person at the bottom is at a huge disadvantage because Hunterlings periodically come in from the back and they ALWAYS go for the bottom player's SCVs. This is because the distance from the bottom ramp (last one to open) is shorter to reach the bottom player than the top one. Hunterlings attack from that side starting from the second wave (before the top wall is even broken). Ultimately, the bottom player has to buy a Planetary Fortress by this time. Top player doesn't have to worry.

Not to mention that all the Stanks hit the bottom player first.
You should have multiple levels with different maps that present new challenges, you also should have a option to play as protss or terran.
Release more maps like this that allow more players for kind of "Starcraft Raids"
I found this immensely fun with the friends i play with. I think if a four person co-op could be made, that would make it even better. I saw no bugs, but more monsters could add to the fun of it.
I like the night 2 die option but I feel that you don't get enough time to prepare and that you can be overwhelmed easily within the first 10 min. I know its supposed to be extremely hard but sometimes it can take the joy out of the game because a small mistake like the nydus worm for example. Once it pops up unless youre extremely ready for it you will pretty much lose. Im not saying to take down the difficulty but it might help but thing like being able to prepare for a bit longer and maybe having the option to share resources a bit earlier could help . I think the farthest I got with my friend was like 20 min but those nydus worms are soooooo merktastic.
Got to the 45 minute mark for the Night 2 Die difficulty. It was lots of fun! If this map could be made into a 4 player map, that'd be great. (:

For those saying Night 2 Die needs work, I think it's fine. My friend and I got to 45 minutes on the second try.
1 hour on Night 2 Die. Wave 20 is the endgame, no more minerals to repair and not enough specials spawning to give minerals. Basically the spawner just spawns aberrations, a few spotter specials and a stank to overwhelm you, stank caps at 11k hp at around wave 18-19.
its too easy and you should add difficulties, more zerg units, and a bigger map so that its harder to complete
Anyone having trouble finding this map? I don't see it on my list

I'm not sure to blame the hunterling, the vulture, or the spider mines (in case they are somehow responsible) but I've got a vulture grenade doing some jumping jacks here.

I've posted the replay on my website here:

Look at the north end of the base, just above the teal bunkers at about 5 minutes. (its happening when the ka-boomer shows up) There is a vulture shot spinning in circles. I believe the spider mine destroyed a hunterling in mid-jump and it caused the shot to fail to realize its target disappeared because it spins in place for like 30 seconds before finally disappearing. Considering I've never seen a marauder shot do this, nor have I seen it occur in the single-player, I can only assume its a bug unique to this map.

Other things to suggest (while I'm here anyway)

Perhaps a difficulty after brutal but before Night 2 Die? My roommate and I are almost able to beat it. (we keep losing on the 5th night, which is actually because we keep messing something up on the 3rd or 4th night... Anyway, we are like 60 APM each, so if we were a bit more skilled we could totally beat brutal.) I'd say in that difficulty nydus worms don't spawn outside of base and stanks don't only appear 1 at a time.

Also, where is our 'witch' style unit. You know, the neutral one that will only appear after you have siege tanks and will wander into siege tank range so you are forced to un-siege less she decides she agro on you and starts raining nukes on your defenses or something?

speaking of nukes... why no ghosts? I mean snipe would be fitting for this map, and spotters seem common enough that cloak doesn't seem like would help much.

this map is fun i liked it myself, im afraid to try out the other difficulties, will there be a mod so that i can add to my custom made map?
Great map! I'd LOVE to see more official Blizzard custom maps like this. I envision something even more epic similar to the final level of the single player campaign.

Even more I need to see an official Blizzard Tower Defense map as was released with WarIII. No one understands or makes TD maps the way Blizzard can and they are my favorite.

Awesome game and keep up the great work!

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