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At least you can find the game to test it.. I cant find it at all
There is a serious problem with people blocking games by going afk in the lobby as the Host. They just sit there and occupy the que, never starting the game. This blocks the people who create games after him, since they don't roll into the newer games and the oldest game in the que never starts.

Today I can't even play. I couldn't play early on the morning of the 1st at all either. This is a serious flaw.
Very good start, and I agree with many of the comments below.

I think the map could be much larger*, and maybe there could be a way to repair your 'base' that costs you energy. right now it feels like if you fall behind youre pretty much done for.

*Larger.. sorry, I mean... tougher? point being, four photon cannons? really? what about maybe.. 30-40 cannons? or being able to put defenses in a specified area by using energy.
Having more cannons would make a single round more 'epic' so maybe just one match per game.. perhaps an option to challenge your opponent to a rematch?

the siege tank. sometimes it attacks from beyond the range of the cannons.. sometimes it does not. This is hugely important, because when its out of range a tank/ghost combo can just take out cannons for free, but only sometimes.... needs consistency one way or the other.

Go to the multiplayer menu, then hit create game. then from the drop down menu make sure custom game is selected, then scroll down the list.. it should be there somewhere after the 2v2 maps ish.. It took me a while to find it too...
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Is there a way to make the hotkeys the same as in melee games?

the hotkeys are easy, the first one is Q, the second one is W, the 3rd one is E. just like your keyboard layout.

SC2 client crashes an unusual amount during starjewled. When leaving game early, when completing match, and even when loading. Standard gameplay rarely crashes for me. Drivers updated weekly.

Not sure 1k energy is ideal cap.

3 rounds are just too long at the moment - no one stays past 1 round almost ever

Yup same problem here, the game crashes almost every time I play this map.
tengo una queja he ganado como 5 veces el mapa del chef de primero los tres round y no me dan el avatar y gane el mapa star jeweled con 3100 de heal y no medieron premio que estafa
Here are some things that may require some consideration regarding the game so far.

1) The "Bejeweled" mod is very heavy and demanding on players with lower-end computers or network connections, so making the mod lighter or compact may be recommended; however, I could see that it may not be possible depending on implementation.

2) Unlike the original "Bejeweled" game, you are actually able to simultaneously move gems while the gems are already in motion or falling rather than being able to perform only one move at a time. This allows for a means of "sneaking" in an extra gem to create a larger clearing. This may not be much of a concern however as it expedites game-play. Also, moving the gems while the gems are falling into combos will make the combos void resulting in a net worth of a regular gem clear.

3) The tank unit may require some more balancing as it does seem to still portray no absolute weakness. Tanks have some rather long range making it difficult for any unit to actually reach them, especially the units that are supposedly strong against them. A large number of tanks supported by indefinite healing is quite very strong and almost impossible to counter. Storm would be considered an effective counter; however, storm is more expensive than healing and also drains energy preventing the player to actually send units to counter as well. I have done multiple test play-through using soley tanks and healing (with reasonable amounts of anti-air units) to see reason for tank balancing.

4) There are some cases where energy is spent to summon a unit, but that energy is not actually deducted from the player's total amount. This occurs when the player is summoning units during a combo. After summoning the unit, the energy is deducted as appropriate, and then energy spent is regained including the additional energy gained after the gem clearing. This is perhaps due to an unintentional bug in the program code where the original syntaxes containing the current value persists (due to the combo) even after a new value is given (after spending the energy).

And in general, any custom game, which start automatically once the game becomes full, needs to ensure that all players have actively joined and are not "pending." Games automatically tend to start even if the players have not successfully joined the game resulting in disconnection.
If there are future updates to Starjeweled, it would be nice if it could track win/loss statistics, GPM (Gems Per Minute) and/or PPM (Points Per Minute)!
I enjoy this mod a lot and even participated in a recent player-run tournament. My biggest complaint is that if your opponent leaves your win does not register and it shows up as a "loss" or "left". I think this should be changed...especially since many players have a tendency to leave right before their base is destroyed.

Also tanks should be rebalanced and given more HP, I think they should be able to survive one storm (immortals are much more storm resistant and they cost the same amount of energy).

A Starjeweled ladder would also be AMAZING!
After over six hours attempting to beat the Insane AI with two supposedly guaranteed strats (mass tanks into AA, and coll into mass roach/hydra) I've come across a few conclusions and suggestions.

Either I have the worst luck in the history of starcraft (6 hours of 5 minute or less attempts is how many attempts?) or something broke the targetting priority of the units in this map (tanks shooting marines instead of armor... WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?) or the values need looked at (the AI collosi/marines (2/15) should not annihilate my collosi/mass roaches (3/20+) , ever) (AI units surviving a horrendous amount of punishment like roaches not dieing to 20 seconds of fire from mass tanks)

That said there needs to be rematch immediately functionality, resetting up the game every 5 minutes is for the birds.

Also something needs look at with the scripting for the bejeweled portion of the mod, very commonly I was making moves and waiting several seconds for the game to catch up.

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