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Great map.

Only a few notes so far, only got two games in.

1. The ultralisk is way too weak. Even when you invest energy in healing it, there is no way its worth 500 energy in its current state.

2. There needs to be a way to deselect gems.

3. Change it to best of 3; in its current state finishing a game will be very rare.

4. Marines spawn too rapidly; It makes the counter system almost pointless with the amount that spawn.

5. I love the idea of being able to create units or use spells; I think a few more spells would be great, maybe even units if you can work them in!

Keep up the great work!
Lame. a game takes way too long.
pretty good.
i love this game i play it all the time it all feels like it works good but its abit to long alot of ppl quit by the first game' i think bo5 is to much maybe bo3
The map is great but man it is way to long. what I recommend is a best of three. Each round should have a time limit like ten minutes. when the limit is reached have a sudden death where the cannons and spells are locked, also your score is pooled in for marines and special units.
01/25/2011 9:28 PMPosted by Thander

Here I am attempting to move the bottom [X] over to match the two in upper rows. Many times I accidentally click the left [Z] instead. I know there is no match but have no way of deselecting it. (the mind knows what it wants, but the body didn't cooperate) I am forced to attempt a bad match I already know is bad just so I can deselect the jewel.

Right now, if you accidentally click the left [Z], you can then click the bottom [O] and it switches to that jewel selected. That said, it would be nice if you could deselect jewels by clicking on them a second time.

Also, games seem to take much too long. I haven't been able to play an entire game yet as one side always leaves before the end.
Please get rid of the Bo5. I had my team mate drop out in the first 5 min and had to do a 2v1. I won the round by tripling their score but round 1 took 1 hour and 15 min. Cannons take forever to kill when its just 1 person atacking
I like it, it's my favorite of the 3 mods. But the game feels way too long.
Having played more 'vs. AI" and more against other players who seem to be more skilled (I was kinda stomping or being stomped pretty quickly when I first was testing it out) I agree with the length problem.

There needs to be some sort of sense of scale. Like as time goes on damage on all units increases (perhaps an upgrade you can purchase?) so at some point failure to counter another's build or something like that can basically result in the swing needed to kill. (makes me think puyo puyo when playing with the ice-blocks. every hit becomes exponentially bigger clearing the attack and dropping a bunch of blocks on the enemy until the amount of damage becomes so severe that one side is the victor no matter what)
This custom is great, however, there are a few issues that I had with it, mostly with how responsive the controls are. Sometimes I am going really, really fast and make, for example, 3 matches really quick, but only the first one will go through. I also noticed that when I hit the hotkeys to create units with energy, they don't always make as fast as I am hitting the hotkeys.

I also think it would be cool if matches larger than 3 gems created special gems like in real Bejeweled. I realize there is an extra energy bonus for larger matches, but having stuff like the lightning gem would be cool. I'm not sure how this should translate to energy though because such a match could provide an enormous advantage.

Lastly, storm should be a little more energy expensive because the way it is right now shreds units for very little cost.

Edit: Oh yeah, as everyone else is saying, best of five sometimes gets a little too length, so perhaps change it to best of three, or make a vote at the beginning to see how many rounds people want to play.

I also forgot to say that I think that if your partner drops (roughly half the games I played involved someone dropping), then there needs to be a way to make it so the single player stands a chance. This would probably involve double marine spawns, double energy cap, and some multiplier for matches (2 would actually probably be too much though).
Awesome game Blizz. This is my first fav. Although, I thought there were some things that could have been made better. First, I agree with everyone about deselection and best of 3. But also, I'd like to put some thoughts into something extra that may make the game a bit better.

Second, whoever is faster at making matches wins. This is not an exception. There is absolutely no strategy involved. This map needs some modes. I suggest Action, Puzzle, and Strategy. Action is your version. Puzzle requires that you make a specific amount of points within 10 turns or switches. Finally, Strategy is more competitive. Each player has 3 turns. The player to get the most points in 3 turns gets both players' energy that they would normally get from making each match. For example, 1 player gets 90 points, while the other gets 120. The player that got 120 gets 210 energy.

Finally, the reset board option is way overpowered. Normally, the reset board resets everything and usually gives the player many new and very good options to get high points, so they're already at an advantage. Also, there's almost no cost except time. I suggest making it cost...say 100 energy and making cooldown a bit longer.

That's about it. Not much is wrong with it, but I think everyone was dissapointed. Perhaps giving them more options and fixing some things will help.
should have a way to 1v1, as majority of the time theres always someone that is freaking bad and ruins the game, or someone leaves.

And when the rare occurrence that 4 decent players that know how to match gems go at it, the game takes way to long for a bo5 in its current state as rounds just seem to not end.(like an hour long per round)
In the very beginning of the map gem moving is delayed (first 10-20 seconds)

NEED drag capability. click and click takes too long.

Need bonus if one player drops out.
Double-clicking a gem should deselect it.
The counters don't do much; a greater ratio of player-selected units to marines would be better.
awesome game, spells nice touch, but the lag is a bit intense at the beginning, LOVING it though
I love the new style of play that this game offers by focusing more on unit countering however the main problem with this game is that its way too long. It takes 20 or 30+ more minutes to only finish ONE round. This would be an incredible game if only there was a way to avoid many stale mates.
Very cool concept, reminds me a lot of Puzzle Quest. However, i think that diferent types of rewards from matching diferent jewel types (alike PQ, where matching diferent gem colors gave diferent mana) could make the puzzle aspect of the game more strategic and fun, instead of mindlessly matching any jewel type.
For example:
- matchig skull jewels could reward you with a stronger unit than the other matches would (even stronger if you matched 4 skull jewels in a row, or 5), but you get no energy from it.
- matching zerg emblem jewel spawns you a zerg unit instead of a marine, same to protosses jewel.
- matching the vespene jewel could spawn you no unit, but you get an extra ammount of energy.
I absolutely love this map.
The jewels need to be able to slide instead of having to click on each one. Also, there needs to be a way to be able to move around the map without using the mouse. I don't know if I am missing anything, but wasd doesn't work and neither do the arrow keys.

Really sucks if a player on your team drops out, there needs to be some sort of fix for that.

Other than that stuff, I love it!
i like this map, dont have much more to add other then whats been said. need drag ability. Sucks when your partner leaves, or doesnt know how to play. (even tho this map is dead simple, there are still people who cant figure out how to spawn units) . I would like a way to play this as a 1v1, or maybe like a tournament style of 1v1's.
I have played this game several games now and it is wonderfull! I love it and think it has great potential. However there is a slight lag when you first start on the board and also when you reset it in-game. Great graphics and its a ton of fun! Thanks for the entertainment Bliz!

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