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i had to say i love it!

and i really want to see more units spawning able
my bro and i played an hour and 24 min on one game
there was alot of back and forth but we've been spawning colossus
, unltras and immortas for almost the entire game i wish there would be
varties for units (for each race) i tend to spawn zerg since i'm a zerg player so it's pretty limited.
Good map. I would like to see the controls improved by including the "left click, then move" mechanism that the regular bejeweled game uses. I have trouble clicking 2 spaces and keep up with the speed of the game
it seems as though every game i play one person or the other lags out (not always me) is there some way u could make this more accessible to those ppl with slower computers, because i play on low settings and still crashes and delay of games occur. thank you
I love this game! it will drain the life from you if you let it. that said this game goes on for way to long my suggestion would be to reduce the number of marines that spawn or take away two of the cannons that should reduce the amount of time that the game goes for.
I absolutely love this game. In my opinion it is the best out of the three and I can't stop playing it. I guess I can agree that the games can take too long but since I enjoy it so much I don't mind too much. I wouldn't hate it if it was a best of 3 but other than that I don't have many complaints. I think if you follow a few of the tweeks mentioned here this game mode will be my all time favorite.
i like it
The game is a lot of fun, but it takes way too long. It should just be a quick and fun way to kill some time. I think best of 3 is enough and each round should not take nearly as long as it does now. I just played a round where I had my opponents basically dead for the entire game, but it took about 20 minutes to finish them off (way too long). It also took 43 minutes to play 3 rounds...I had to quit.
So much fun! But you need to be able to micro units, and also, make it best of 3 instead of best of 5. It's too long as it is (I won 3 rounds in a row and the game was still 1 hour and 20 minutes long).
very fun map. a few suggestions tho...
1. any way for stat tracking like in other games for wins and losses
2. any chance to change the clearing gems sound effect. in long games it can get kinda annoying. a cleaner gentler sound may be better,but i understand the boom as it goes with the arcadyness of the game.
3. it may just be me, but i really find no use for the health wave ability. the time stop and psionic storm are powerful enough for me to never think about using it.maybe something along the same lines may be better?
fantastic map though.gratz
more variety of units would be helpful >.< click drag would be very helpful and will make this game more dynamic.
Alright, I highly doubt anyone of significance will read this seriously since Blizzard is pretty much a faceless corporation now, but I thought I'd try anyways.

I've played Bejeweled maybe once in my life and didn't like it. I've played about 15 games of StarJeweled and I'm really enjoying it.

I have to say the sounds for combos make me feel warm inside and the tug of war aspect really got me hooked. That being said, I hope if anyone of significance does read this then I hope they take my input seriously.

Games Too Long
For a game that's, as I interpret it, a pick up game, it lasts too long. Games that are relatively even can easily last 30 minutes for a 3-0 match. Now luckily most people aren't that good at this game yet, but I think players should definitely have a choice of how many games to play. Either set the default for one game and allow rematches as the players see fit, or give the option to the players to vote on best-of-1 through best-of-5/7 series.

Leaver Ruins Game
In all honesty not the biggest deal, but I think it's worth experimenting to find a way to make games at least somewhat playable 1v2. For starters, if your ally leaves you should spawn double the marines. I see no reason this would be game breaking and would even the playing field a bit. Additionally, maybe the single player could get something like 33-50% additional energy. This would give the player an equal amount of marines and only 25% less energy overall compared his two opponents.

Spell Redundancy/Spell Cooldown
I personally have a problem with the spell mechanic. Firstly, the time bubble seems pretty awful. Lots of weak units is better to be stormed. Large units are better to be stunned. And if there's really too many large units to stun them all then you're probably pretty far behind anyways. I find it very situational and pretty useless. Secondly, it really feels like spells should have a cooldown. Spamming heal can be pretty imbalanced. Even a short cooldown would mean that some teamwork is required for constant spell spamming.

Max Energy
I'm sure during the design and testing there was lots of debate about/tweaking of the max energy you could store. For one thing, if you've ever hit a "FOR THE HORDE - I mean - SWARM" it seems like you waste a LOT of energy if your bar isn't empty, and as a result you really aren't rewarded that much. It seems like as a minimum the bar should be 1500. Additionally, having a low max doesn't really promote many strategies. If you can only save for two ultras/colossi then it really limits your strategies because sooner or later you're going to have to spend 1k energy or stagger your spawns. It seems overly simplistic for me. Something like 2000 or 2500 max energy could really reward players for saving and also help end games that are kind of in a stalemate.

Unit Balance
I can't say for sure how I feel about unit balance without seeing stats. Like, do Immortals still do bonus damage to armored? It seems like it but I can't tell for sure. My friend likes throwing in Tanks/Banshees for some specific roles, but I just out muscle my opponents with Ultralisks, the occasional situational colossus and sometimes zealot rushes for fun. The units seem to have very similar roles and I see no reason not to get an Ultralisk when it survives storms and cleaves Colossi to death. I would love if Immortals and/or Tanks did bonus damage to Cannons only or something similar so that they had a specific role.

-Tracking wins would be nice. Just something to show off for all the games I've played and the ability to scope out my opponents. Don't need more stats, just games/wins.
-It would be nice if when I selected a block I didn't want, clicking it again would deselect it
-I believe you can stun an already stunned unit. It would be nice if there was some more protection for overlapping spells to quickly. Would be nice.

P.S. Is there anything after "FOR THE SWAM"?
P.P.S. All the symbols are obvious, except for the Skull? What does it represent?
I LOVE this game. you should hold a freindly starjewled tournament at the next blizzcon!
My problems:

There are just too many marines. They do not that much damage, they get in the way of non ranged units, and they don't give any reward for killing them.

Solutions: Allow us to upgrade them (1000 energy for +1 hp, dmg and armor, huge investment with little immediate returns), make less of them spawn, or give like 10 energy every time you kill 100 units.

As many have said, best of 5 takes too long. I would say put in a vote system to set up 1 round games, Best of 3 or Best of 5

drag matching:
If you can put that in, my fingers will be thankful.

Other than those problems, the map is awesome. Really good countering system, no "Overpowered unit".

I ended up with this strat one game. My teammate was running colossi, so I went spell support. as soon as we did we won 3 rounds in a row. try it out.
Awesome game.

Only bad thing is it's soooooo long...1 hour for a best of 5? come on. People will get bored of it very quick.
Great map. Fun to play.

I have some suggestions though:
1.shorten map playtime(i know its already been said)
2.I have some issues with the unit balances. Roaches are supposed to counter collosi fairly well due to their armor and larger health right? Not here. 2 collosi will kill more than a dozen roaches.
3. I think there should be more incentive for players to be creative. I see lots of play involving constantly making collosi or banshee, and just supplementing with other units, as the collosus will kill all incoming marines and the supplements will counter.

Thanks Blizz, for the great and creative custom game!
Great map, I love it.

Sometimes it's laggy as hell, unplayable for me =(
Bejeweled was boring the first time I played it in 03; preinstalled on a cell phone. Nice tug of war twist, but it's still bejeweled.
Jewel matching is laggy. It isn't as smooth as what you get in Bejeweled.
Speed bonuses as in Bejeweled Blitz can be implemented. Do 2 moves within a second, gains maybe +50 energy.
Raise the energy storage.
Make it Best of 3 or just single rounds.
Implement some bonus such that leavers won't screw up the game balance.

I'm a regular Bejeweled Blitz player, and I'm simply dominating all of my matches..
I agree with too many rounds, make it at least a vote between Bo 1, 3, or 5

some other stuff I agree with that would be nice that others have suggested:

-Click a jewel again to deselect
-Drag to move a jewel
-Compensation if someone leaves

Starjeweled Feedback:

There are a few issues with Starjeweled that should be addressed.

1) You should be allowed to click and drag to swap jewels, just like in the retail version Bejeweled. Doing two clicks for me is more annoying then just clicking on one and dragging it to an adjacent jewel.

2) There should be an option to have the camera automatically move to where units are fighting. Its kinda annoying to have to keep scrolling up and down.

3) Games take too long. Most people bail after the game goes 2-0. I'd say turn it into a best of 3. Also add a stalemate break scenario. Most Tug of War style mods have a berserk timer where the units do 300% more damage. This will help increase the speed of the game after 10 minutes into a round.

4) If your partner leaves the game, make it so the other person isn't left high and dry. Double the marine output and give the player double energy and a higher energy cap. This will help even out the game even when a player leaves.

5) The energy cap makes getting a "For the Horde... I mean SWARM" seem punishing. I tend to lose energy because I'm at about 300 energy and it puts me over cap. The current cap seems too low and prevents me from being more strategical.

Otherwise its a really good map mod.

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