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This game is so far my favorite map on Bnet! I would like to point out that the Bejeweled half of the game is a little laggy, but other then that I would have to say that the game is flawless!
Loved it. No complaints.
I found it an extremely fun map, however best of 5 was very long... maybe a vote? Best of 1, 3, or 5?
Limited pauses. i played medium and games take a very long time to play. think health needs to be brought down like 10%. Good game guys keep it up!
fun game! however, maybe there needs to be some sort of sudden death after a match goes on for 10+ minutes. They can drag on for a while.


  • The minimap image is so bad that you can barely read the map's name.

  • You don't have to think too hard for strategies. You will do better if you just try to get as many sequences of 3 jewels as you can.

  • 5 rounds is a way too much. I was completly bored after 3 rounds. I'd rather leave the game wanting to play more. 5 rounds consumes me so much that I don't want a remake so soon.

  • The sounds are a little awkward for me.

Score: C

hey blizz, great game =)!
thought i'd post a suggestion. not sure if this is an issue for anyone else, but my only real complaint is that when the game finishes, people leave and their names and "left the game" messages pile up over the statistics screen. if you guys could relocated the statistics, or present them in a different format to avoid this, i'd be grateful. either way it's a triviality, so no big deal.
Very fun game, but it was extremely tough on Bejeweled newbies such as myself. Even against an easy level computer I was slowly but surely losing. The games also take far too long. Best of five? Perhaps best of one would be better. People can always have a rematch if they choose to.
It's pretty disappointing. I feel as if there really isn't much countering nor is there time for it. You're better off trying to get as many gem combinations as possible for marine spawns. Luck is also involved, which wasn't so bad but the fact that countering is useless, it is. It was a good idea to give players something to do while playing a tug of war game.

However, I feel as if you waste too much time playing with gems rather than participating in the tug of war. Rarely did I get a chance to watch over my units and if I do, I'm now losing units in the battlefield. I mean, the person who sticks to the gems all game, will most likely win over the person who tries to counter what's on the battlefield. That's pretty poor gameplay in my opinion.

Two suggestions for a possible solution. Give us an interface that will show us incoming units from the enemy team so we can affectively counter them without wasting time by looking in the battlefield. Or, give us more abilities and remove the possibility for us purchasing units. Gems could take the role of spawning units, the more gems aligned, the better the units. Streaks should release a unit that would most likely counter the enemy units.

So pretty much, good idea but it needs a bit more to keep me playing it.
I love this map, I think it is awesome and should totally be a separate ladder :P

my two complaints though would be:
1. when a person leaves the game or disconnects it is really difficult for the lone player to be able to compete, maybe double their energy per match?

2. I don't like how it is team play, I would much rather have a 1v1 version or a larger team, like 4v4. I just finished playing a game where I had 14k energy or whatever it is in the top left corner and my partner had a mere 2k, meanwhile both opponents had 11-13k energy, so even though I was performing the best, I was pulled down by my teammate although I did manage to win one game on my own after my teammate rage quit and thought it was my fault...

also the storm seems to be a little too strong and so does the tank
StarJeweled is my personal favorite of the three. The central complaint (from most people - and I agree) is that a best of five is too long. I think a good fix would be to allow voting over whether it should be a best of 5 or 3, as suggested by many players. I've been in some games were everyone either votes to quit after a winner out of 3 is reached, or just randomly leave at that point.

I haven't had any that took longer than an hour, but that's pretty long. Unless it's pretty one-sided (or somebody leaves) it takes that long fairly often. I personally think it's because of the back-and-forth nature of the game. Whenever one team makes a strong push, the other team can merely psi-storm it and start over. Strictly speaking it isn't IMBA because of the energy cost, but if used right it can set both players back to step 1. (Other things can cause this as well.)

Whether you agree with that I think the ability system should be changed. I had two ideas about this, the first being adding cool-downs. Not long ones, but long enough you could bluff the enemy with a mini-push and potentially make them waste a storm, and then release your full power.

On to the "bejeweled" part of the game: It works, and it's fun, but after playing it for awhile it gets a little dull. There are few enough ways to get 3 in a row that your brain starts to detect patterns that will get 3 in a row automatically, and sort of phases out. While a Bejeweled master could probably set the board up to get mega-combos, it takes too much time\effort for most players to do this. It's much better just to get them as fast as you can, especially since you also have to be watching the battle and using your energy. It would help to have more possible moves to add some depth too it. Maybe allow switching gems cornerwise or getting diagonal rows would work, but I guess this might break some Bejeweled Creed Rules or something.

You could spice it up without messing with the base game-play by adding special blocks and\or making the different block colors have additional special effects. For an example, spawning different units other than just marines depending on what blocks you used or providing minor buffs depending on the color used in the combo.

Special blocks would be the safest way to make the game more fun. They would be single blocks of specific color that, if used in a combo, would grant a special bonus. Referring back to changing abilities, you could make some of them grant ability charges. For an example, the special mineral block could have the Psi-storm icon on it and grant a Psi-storm charge.

It would make them think twice about using their abilities and it would be fun for the players to be awarded for concentrate on using these blocks in a combo.

Initially I thought the game play was really shallow because massing gems was better than deciding what units to get and casting abilities, especially since it seemed hard to keep the camera following the fight, and the countering system was different enough from ladder I actually had to read the tool-tips to figure out what to get. However, as I played more and got used to it I found it wasn't quite so true; smarter players can beat faster players. I still think it would be better if the countering system was more clear-cut though.

My final concerns: Tanks\Immortals tool-tip doesn't list any strong\weak points. I know this was intentional, but it seems to me that Ultralisks\Colossi\Towers could be listed under Strong Against and Air Units at least under weak against. Since they're heavy-hitters meant for towers, wouldn't zealots also be good against them?

Finally, (although this is very minor) it's a little bit hard to read the word “Starjeweled” in the preview image. Cropping down the surrounding blank space, making the text bigger, and\or making it have more contrast would be nice.
I hope this feedback is helpful, and not just another voice in the crowd. I tried hard to make sure it wasn't just a review speckled with personal pet-peeves but more of a constructive criticism as to how the game could be crafted into something funner game with deeper gameplay.

P.S: Not that it bothers me, but some people would appreciate a command to mute the "good job!" etc. sounds. They can get annoying after awhile.
My only suggestions are to add more units and to add the special blocks like the actual Bejeweled, explosive for 4 in a row, the magical orb thing for 5 in a row. You can even add the new "cross block" you get for making a L-shaped combo. I know longer combos add more points, but it just isn't thrilling as lining up that special 5 in a row and getting the magic orb. Besides, it would reward going for the longer combos rather than spamming 3s more than it does now.
best of 5 is too long.
StarJeweled was most appealing to me since I like, or at least used to like, to play Bejeweled. It's a ton of fun, but I think the game lasts too long.

I was on round 3 of 5 and it had been 40 minutes. My team mate left and then shortly there after I left.

If the game was not roughly 40-60 mins I think I would be much more interested in playing.
Awesome game, but this shouldn't be a best of 5, one round is long enough as it is.
Amazing work Blizzard. I got my girlfriend to buy SC2 just to play this mod.

I have to agree with everyone else, that 1 round takes way too long. The best of 5 idea would work, but only if a round can be lowered to 5 minutes, instead of 30 minutes per round.

After 1 round, I am so mentally fatigued from 30 minutes of concentration, there's no way I can keep playing. I love the game, but it needs moments where I can rest. 5 minute rounds would be perfect.

Or the ability to choose between 1-5 rounds would be a good idea. I would also like ranking, or a ladder. This game is amazing. Thank you very much Blizzard!
out of all of the beta testing games, this is by far the most fun. starjeweled is a lot fun to be had, but the only problem is that games are drawn out way to long.

i think marines shouldn't be a huge factor in the unit composition. after a while marines start to counter most of the mid tier units that can be used, like immortals, baneshes, and mutas.


take out two of the photon canons at the base.

other than that the game is great!
Map can be a lot of fun. The only negative I have is that it takes too much time. Why is this a best out of 5 series? Decent teams can make each game an hour easily, and that's when a good game can go bad; especially when one player drops. Should probably switch it to Best of 1 game series and offer players the option to rematch at the end.

I agree that it's too long, and I think even three rounds would be too long. Most matches I've been in have had people leave either after the first match or even before the first match finishes. I think best of one would be fine; if people want to play more, they can just requeue.

I also would like to either see the keyboard shortcuts made customizable, or made more intuitive. I'm used to, for example, pressing T to storm, and I wind up making Colossi by accident all the time.

Maybe have the spells hotkeyed to the number row? (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6)

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