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First off, game is amazing and I'd kill for more puzzle maps.

Should let the players vote on a number of rounds. Or, make it best of 3 then offer a rematch.

If you make another move during the chain, it seems to sometimes not count your chain, even if the move isn't anywhere near the falling gems. Very strange.
Not sure if anyone else is having this issue or not. It only happens on Starjeweled, all other games I have tried are working fine.

When I have finished my first match of Starjeweled and am ready to try it again, when I hit the Join Game button it will lock up my entire game. I can use the back button to try to select another game and can get back to the main Multiplayer screen however, the Join and Create buttons will be unusable until I exit the game and then restart. I cannot create, join or do anything in single player mode when this happens.

I would also like to cast my vote for a Bo3 instead of a Bo5. Bo5 can get very long sometimes but, great map anyways!

SC2 client crashes an unusual amount during starjewled. When leaving game early, when completing match, and even when loading. Standard gameplay rarely crashes for me. Drivers updated weekly.

Not sure 1k energy is ideal cap.

3 rounds are just too long at the moment - no one stays past 1 round almost ever
Fun but a little long. I don't really mind best of five but its bad if your ally drops. Also zealots seem overpowered for the cheap price.

Also seems like the bejeweled part is a bit laggy.

But I did find a bug, doesn't happen always, but these dialog windows can pop up behind the bejeweled side:

My constructive feedback would be that it takes 2 clicks to swap the jewels (you should be able to drag a jewel to a different spot). Also it is very slow, there should be a faster mode. The last thing is a bug, sometimes after you've made a swap you will not recieve any energy. Other than what I have listed the game is very enjoyable.

Also there needs to be a 1v1 option.
This is a good game but should be best out of 3 instead of 5. Some rounds can last up to 30 minutes alone. Make the energy cap higher or shorten the distance and this game could rock. Also adding more units, a healer type would be good. More abilities like Point defense drone or a seeker missile would be cool too.
These games can last way too long. I think that a good solution would be to add in a timer feature. So when time runs down whoever has the most damage that round loses. Pretty simple fix. Otherwise pretty fun.
I really like this game; it's well designed and already quite well balanced. All the spells are useful under the right conditions.

There are a few small things that should be tweaked. The board should be locked at the beginning until the announcer says "start". It's always laggy at the beginning, and it leads to an early energy discrepancy based on who can play through it.

I'd really like an Alt-F button in the bottom-left. The bright yellow/green/red scheme makes it a lot easier for me to focus on the gem-matching board since I don't have to struggle to differentiate between units. If I come from another game, I have to wait until units start spawning to know what color scheme I'm in, and it's a huge distraction to switch from mouse controls to find the Alt and F keys; I'd much rather just click a button that's otherwise out of the way.

There should be a saying for 7-chain-combos, which happen pretty often. Maybe even for larger chain-combos that I haven't seen. When the sayings start coming, it's an indicator to start spamming units so as to not waste energy. I can't tell if the saying for the 6-chain-combo is just too long and covering it up, but maybe the 6-chain-combo saying should be shorter if that's the case.

As a few people have noted, the statistics page shouldn't be covered up with the chat messages. Maybe just scrunch it up.

Each round can go on for way too long. There are probably a lot of different ways to fix this. Something that could work would be expensive permanent attack upgrades that apply to all units except the marines and cannons--that way marines become less of a wall and the back-and-forth becomes more volatile.

I agree with the common sentiment that this should be a best of three. Five rounds could potentially be very long, but most games seem to go 3-0 since the skill levels and strategies don't tend to change much between rounds. By the time it's 2-0, it pretty well seems over anyway.

There is one large change I'd love to see, though. Whenever a round ends, I don't particularly look forward to the next round since it's just a repeat of the last round. If it were a best of three, there could be three different maps--maybe one themed for each race with, say, one with cannons, one with loaded bunkers, and one with spore crawlers and spine crawlers. Just aesthetically it would add a lot to replay value.
a few comments that i have that go along with a lot of the previous comments it seems

-instead of bo5 do bo1 (not entirely sure i see the point in doing a bo series at all)

-instead of just special abilities and units, i think it would be cool if you could ALSO customize your default unit, eg, use my energy to buy upgrades or send out reapers instead of marines...

-cannons are too strong(attributes to long games, either buff marine or weaken cannons) unless you mass tanks

-allow for 1v1 option (maybe even 3v3)
The game is awesome, but is it possible to have League system? In order to play against similar skilled players? The challenge of this game only comes if the opponents are good or not.

I found out that when opponents leave the game before finishing the game, I get "TIE" record on my match history, even though we get "VICTORY" in the game.
01/29/2011 6:44 PMPosted by Nomad
The game is awesome, but is it possible to have League system? In order to play against similar skilled players? The challenge of this game only comes if the opponents are good or not.

I found out that when opponents leave the game before finishing the game, I get "TIE" record on my match history, even though we get "VICTORY" in the game.

Most custom games just show ties actually.
I really enjoy this change in gameplay. My wife loves Bejeweled but I had no interest in it until your StarJeweled. I agree with others that it does take too long to play a round. I had to pause the game 1v1 for a bit to take a 60 second break. I ended up winning because the other opponent quit. We were evenly matched. I would like to see a time limit setting for each round with the winner getting the most kills.

Another suggestion I have is to change the setting. The Protoss setting is cool but throw in more map variations somehow. Overall, great fun though.
I'd have to echo the above comments. The games are long, best of 5 is not happenin. Even a single game would be ok in my opinion
I've also had bnet lock up when trying to enter StarJeweled. I cannot join the lobby, and cannot enter any other custom or quick match games.
This game mode is great, from the concept to the gameplay. However....
The start of the game is laggy and I lose a few seconds clicking the same piece over and over waiting for it to actually select.
The constant marines sound good, but really aren't. They take out big units like ultralisks way too easily as there are so many of them. They also hamper stragy, say my opponent made a colossus and I counter it with 2 mutalisks, only to find out that the colossus is still alive because my mutalisks were shot down by marines.

I love the game, but there are some changes that I think should be made before it really takes off.
very good map and easy to pick up, all spells and units feel pretty balanced and useful. I'm new to these kind of jewel games (maybe played bejeweled once or twice before) and got right into it.

agree that ui needs polishing, not a big deal but had same problems with selecting the wrong jewels. it happens, so there must be a workaround.

bo5 I'm ok with, but like any other mp game losers get frustrated when they lose, so they quit, sometimes even after the first round. I can only remember completing maybe 1 or 2 out of 10 games. so bo3 might work out better in this case, especially since some close games can last a long time going back and forth for a while.

then we have the main problem with all mp on any map with any number of players, battlenet itself. every other match drops random players, sometimes even mid game. the odds of actually completing a game would go way up, if you could manage to reliably sync even 4 players. dealing with drops and remakes ALL THE TIME is really killing the fun in this game.

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