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I'm not sure I like that the game starts as soon as it loads. Perhaps have a voting screen for some of the possible options and then a countdown. Also, it lags at the beginning of each round. Any way to fix that would be awesome.
Great game!
Overall I love it. Great idea, great implementation. Here are things I would change:

- 3 of 5 is just too much! My fingers are sore after playing especially if it goes into that fifth game! 2 of 3 would definitely be enough! I agree with previous posters who suggested voting on number of rounds as a possible solution too.

- If you can find a way to make it so you can drag to swap jewels instead of clicking both, that would be grand!

- I can't tell if you're rewarded for making matches of 4 or 5. I think that would be a nice little extra... maybe send out 3 marines at once if you match 5, or 2 if you match 4... or maybe an extra boost in energy? Matching 5 in this game is a rarity and should be rewarded.

Thanks for making this custom map. I LOVE that SC2 continues to be developed, both by the community and by Blizzard. So often you pay more for a game than it's really worth, but the fact that SC2 is getting this much support just further solidifies my confidence that my buying the game was a good move!
I played against AI-Insane, and I noticed their marines were coming out a lot more than my side. Is it normal?

01/25/2011 9:28 PMPosted by Thander
Deselecting Jewels

There does not seem to be any way to do this. If I misclick, I have to waste time attempting a match I already know is bad just so it will deselect that jewel. So far the most common situation I run into this is in the configuration below:


Here I am attempting to move the bottom [X] over to match the two in upper rows. Many times I accidentally click the left [Z] instead. I know there is no match but have no way of deselecting it. (the mind knows what it wants, but the body didn't cooperate) I am forced to attempt a bad match I already know is bad just so I can deselect the jewel.

In Bejeweled, jewels can be selected and deselected as needed. A click-drag moves a jewel, regular click selects or deselects. Only one jewel can be selected at once. Deselecting with a single click is faster than attempting a bad match and having to wait for the whole animation to play out.

very much second Thander's observation. This deselecting issue combine with the often lag occurrences ruin the game for me =(

If you would, a 1v1 option would be very popular I imagine.
I think they should have an option when your ally leaves you can either produce units for both sides, or have someone else join up a game in progress. That or have a computer controled player fill in as your ally.
it would be awesome if you could find a way to drag and drop to swap pieces rather than having to click twice.
I agree with selecting the match length and auto adding an AI for a dropped player, just having an extra body spamming marines and a unit push here and there is better than the 30 minutes I spent slowly losing to a 2 man team we were mopping up in the first two rounds.
Also, I would like to state that I would willingly pay for a polished version of this game in PSN or Xbox arcade, consoles can't really get the rts love and this would be a great way to spend time with my rts friends who also play on the consoles.
FOR THE HOR... i mean SWAPr
excellent excellent map. there were some great suggestions here such as the mouse drag to move gems and audio cue when a new unit is available to purchase.

definitely the best of the 3 maps!

also, if you click furiously, you can start moving your pieces BEFORE the guy says GO. the timing is a bit off for this, and allows people who know that you can start early to gain a slight advantage. (getting the first colossus out is a pretty big advantage imo)

Best of 3 would be perfect for me as a solution to the people saying that the games are too long.

EDIT: Okay I just started to play this mod for the second time and found some bugs.

Boxes were popping up behind the place when I was making the matches at:

As well as the animation for the 3 icons when I made a match not being there:

Yeah, I got those boxes too.
1. The lag at the beginning is ridiculous.
2. Not having a matching system sucks.
3. Not being able to play 1v1 sucks.
4. There are not enough units.
5. Marines shouldn't constantly spawn. You should only send across units that you make.
6. Having an energy cap is unnecessary.
7. Games take too long; make it best out of three.
8. If your partner leaves, you lose. In actual SC2, having a partner leave is somewhat of an advantage, since it's easier to coordinate everything.
9. Other than that, this is a lot of fun! I hope it gets lots of fixes before it actually comes out.
I think this game is pretty cool but I think that if you combined starjeweled with starcraft dota you would have the perfect game. One person would be playing starjeweled to pump the creeps waves out and then up to 5 other would play dota style.
1 As everyone says, far far too long.

2 Non-tanks don't do any reasonable amount of damage to photon cannons (partially responsible for 1). Sure this should be the tank's special thing, but others should do more than now. Watching a colossus that i'm healing do almost nothing to a cannon for 30 seconds or more.. zzzz

3 too annoying to puzzle effectively while operating the buttons to spend energy. Large combos could provide a very short-term surplus. Or you could make it less bad to not be able to respond rapidly to a push (probably wrong.. I think pushes should work better)

4 AI settings should have an effect (easy / insane ,50%/ 100%) Some of us are terrible at this *raises hand* and would rather not practice on an extremely grueling long long computer match
First off I got to say I love this game Blizzard! Thanks


1. Games can drag on for too long, 30 minute rounds are very tiring especially how its set to best of 5 games. Please make it best of 3 games.

2. 1 marine per move sounds good on paper but it just doesnt work when you can literally make 10 moves in 5 seconds, marines as of now are annihilating things that they shouldn't.

Make 2 marines for every 5 moves this would shorten round times and overall make the game more enjoyable.

3. There should be a few more spells I dont know what exactly but give the players more incentive to use them rather than spamming more units.

4. Tanks and Immortals should *@%% the Photon cannons

5. When your partner leaves the game it should make a sound and show a big message, my partner has left and I never noticed till I was getting steamrolled. Replace with Medium AI.

6. Drag to Move pieces instead of having to click twice.

7. 1v1 Option would be awesome and 3v3.

8. Another map with different feel and maybe a couple new twists like multiple paths, destructible rocks, destroyable set pieces.
If there was a way to save your records, that would be a great addition to this map
I had been enjoying starjeweled until 2 days ago i started getting unbearable lag. I've been getting 2-10second delays when clicking blocks and it barely gets better the further i get into the game i get. I can't figure out why its happening, as i can play other custom maps and regular multiplayer games perfectly, yet starjeweled feels like im getting 0.2fps (despite fraps suggesting im getting a constant 50-60fps). I've tried reinstalling graphics drivers, un-overclocking my pc, turning speedstep off, tried older graphics drivers, tried turning the graphics down to minimum. Nothing has made a difference.

the system in question:
Core2Duo E8500
4gb ram
asus P5E motherboard
ATI HD4870x2
have tried 10.12 and 10.9 catalyst drivers

Anyone else having/had a similar experience?
Someone mentioned that the constant flooding of marines makes the counter system not as effective. I have noticed this as well. Getting banshees, mutas or immortals to counter colossi and ultras seems like the natural choice, but in reality they just get owned by the marines.

A possible fix for this would be that each of the different kind of gems releases a different unit. One would release marines, one would release zerglings, another zealots. Other gems could release marauders, roaches and stalkers. This would make some gems more valuable than others and give players more to consider while matching gems as well as making the units that are normally countered by marines more viable to get.

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