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I think this will be awesome, it looks fun cant wait to play it I give it 5 stars for the reviews this from The General.
Having played StarJeweled for over 10 hours easily, both random and with my roommate. I found a few things to comment on.

  • There needs to be a matching system, having been playing Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook for over a year now, I can match gems pretty quickly and get a much higher energy count than my opponents (sometimes combined). When I team up with my roommate who is aslo a Bejweled verteran, let's just say we have not lost a game yet.

  • I can't find a good use for the time bomb, the freeze, heal and psi-storm seem sufficient enough to control the battlefield.

  • The heal is a little too powerful, and almost no one uses it. 2 or more ultralisks being supported by heals are VERY powerful as they keep your marines alive as well as do a lot of damage themselves.

  • Mutalisks are either too weak or too expensive, Banshees dish out a lot more damage and only cost 50 more energy.

As many other people have stated, being able to choose "Best of X" would be nice, drag to match, gem-deselection, and super-gems would all be good additions as well.
great i love playing it. only bug i noticed is when u try to find a game some times it freezes then kicks u out and wont let u join a game, and the only way to fix it is to log out and log back in.
You should have achievements for these custom games. These are great and would get more people to play them.
StarJeweled lags quite often in matches and I would like to see a variety of different backgrounds.
i just finished playing the most epic game of starjeweled. best game ever! but i would think of putting like a 30 min time limit or something cause we played for what seemed like an hour and its rly does a number on ur rist. at the end it could add up points and the team with the most points wins.
Noticed that the lag actually helps. While lagging I can make moves that will be made once everyone has caught up. This ability allowed me to pull ahead in points by 3x to 5x more than the rest of the players. Wish I had a suggestion on how to fix, but I don't. Awesome game though.
I have yet to play a 1 hour game, but have played several 30 minute games before one team won over the other. I believe that a timer might be helpful, but should be dependant upon the data received from the beta test. In other words, 30 minutes may be too short and 1 hour is too long, but something in between should be good.
- best of 3, not 5. (people usually leave after losing 2 anyhow)
- ability to slide the jewels in a direction like bejeweled, as opposed to 'click, click'
- ghosts should live through more than one storm. even with low hp. they're never a viable unit. (or maybe be perm cloaked till the get to the canons?)
- matching would be great. or perhaps a diff map for 'advanced players'
- perk items would be cool, for big combos. similar to bejeweled. multipliers, explosive icons, etc.
- i wish the reset button was like 'shift-z' so you knew you were pressing it and not just accidentally hitting it (maybe my fat fingers should be slimmer...) ;]
something I forgot to mention before, I don't know if this has been noted by anyone else but there's a real annoying bug with lobby joining that affects only this map afaik, bnet just fails to negotiate finding a lobby when you click on join. so once you get locked in this state you can't do anything but stare at the screen, I don't know if it hangs forever but I give up after a few minutes when this happens and just relog into the game.
where do you go on to download this because I cant find it
This is a very strong mod and I'm very happy about this release. To be honest I've quit World of Warcraft to become a full-time Star Jeweled player! He he


Game can be very long, after 20 minutes per round the game should step into Overtime
Overtime mode would make energy doubled from combos and units damage tripled.

Game should be best of three instead of best of five.
Games rarely gets to 2-2, and a player of the opponent team usually quit when it's 2-0.

We should be able to deselect gems.

There should be a sound For The Horde for Team 1 and For The Alliance for Team 2.

When we get the For the Horde sound.
It should also give us a 10-15 seconds of blood lust for our team.
Blood lust would increase units haste and damage temporarily.
Also it should display to both team a message like: Team X got blood lust.


When a player quits during the match, it stops producing marines for him
When a player quits, sometimes will give an extra point to the other team even if the current match is not over

Balance issue

Banshees needs a major health points boost because they are dying to marines.

Ghosts should be doing more damage to zealots & against air units although dying to 1 storm.

Ultralisks needs to be tougher to be an even match against Tanks and Colossus.

Storm should be more expensive than healing wave.

Healing wave should be boosted and heal for much more.

Overall spells should cost less than the cost of units.

My favorite mod for Starcraft 2 so far, but I have to agree with everyone on the game taking way too long. Some games can take up to 30mins, so the best of 3 would probably be better than best of 5. I don't think anyone wants to play Starjeweled for 2 hours.

I also tried playing with the AI on different difficulties and sometimes I couldn't tell the difference between them. Maybe its just me but the AI difficulties might need an adjustment.

Other than these two small issues this is by far the best Starcraft 2 mod I have yet played. Keep up the good work and looking forward for more mods from Blizzard.
I agree with having options for the "best of #" and a single round.
Would be nice if a player quits the match he gets replaced by a computer so it isn't a 1v2.

I have been able to win twice in a 1v2 scenario, but it is much more stressful than needed.
Nice work on the fun gameplay.

- I get tired of clicking on jewels to swap. Consider enabling the following: click on jewel and then drag with mouse over the jewel to swap with. If you can make the jewel follow the mouse while dragging, this would feel faster, smoother and intuitive.
- Smooth out the animation for swap and jewels dropping.
- Remove any kind of delay before a swap occurs.
- Warp cell spell seems to last too long. If a team is rushing with a good number of units, all they have to do is warp cell anything the opponents spawn to counter.
- Remove the "Good job!" sound byte. Clearing 4 jewels happens too often, and I already know I'm doing a good job ;)
- I imagine people play against CPU for practice when no buddies are online - add a retry option to the score screen at the end to enable players to bypass the lobby completely.
- Evenly matched players tend to make the game last a while. Make this a best of 3 instead. (Or make it configurable)

Nice to haves:
- When you make a T shape, or L shape, you don't seem to be awarded extra points. Perhaps award 85 instead of 60?
- Enable the ability to swap without waiting for blocks to fall. i.e. In the case where I clear 3 horizontal jewels, I can swap more jewels before the jewels disappear. This creates more new blocks, and potential for more combos.
- Nitpick: Stop the game clock after the score screen appears at the end of the game.
- Nitpick: Remove seemingly arbitrary highlighted text on the Starjeweled loading screen - "match 3 jewels" and "Best of Five"
I agree that matches take too long and that the having to click twice for each match is clumsy. I have most often played vs AI. I'm pretty well matched against the medium AI. One thing that didn't make sense is that when I lost vs the medium AI, I beat the computer in: energy acquired and used, units killed, etc. How is it that I lose when I'm doing better than my opponent? I do build the right counters to their units and all, so I'm a little confused how I lost.
This map is very fun.

Left 2 Die and Starjeweled are both very fun.

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