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C'mon guys, we're all passionate about computers and SC2, but we can keep the tone civil while we debate.

My contribution is that my old system composed of...

-First-Gen Core 2 Duo
-Geforce 9600 GT
-4GB of Ram

...ran SC2 great. The only time I had to dial the settings below max was during multiplayer or on maps with an unusually large number of units. I run very clean, very stable systems; always seems to let me get more performance out of my rig.

Now of course I have a Sandy Bridge with a defective SATA II controller! Heh.

If you think I'm being a helpful tech then let us know at-

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Good luck with the issue, and good gaming!
I run StarCraft II in Ultra and runs perfect, but I've spent a lot of money buying my Workstation to do this, but it worth it. My Workstation specs are this:

Dell Precisión T7600
2 x Intel Six Core processor at 2.8Ghz
250 GB Samsung SSD 840 for boot
4 x 500 GB Samsung SSD 840 in Raid 5
All drives connected to a PERC H710
2 Crossfire AMD Radeon V5900HD

I run the game in ultra with a 1920x1080 resolution,
But this post is from 2011 :-(

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