Install freezes at 00016/37594 ( 1% )

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Hey, so I am trying to install a 2nd copy of Starcraft 2, I have already installed the North American version with my SC2 CD, but I have also bought a copy of Europe and I would like to play there too, but when I try to install a 2nd copy of the game the installer just freezes at 1% and won't move, please help me fix this !
Download the installer from your account management page and use that instead


copy the install CD contents to your hard drive in run it from there


when the installer stops at 1%, try ejecting the disc and wait for the message to pop up asking for the install CD, then put the disc back and click OK


wait a really long time because it might be normal and the installation could continue on it's own


sacrifice a goat
Dont sacrifice a goat :O

Instead try these threads
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Standalone Patch

Yeah, I'm leaving the whole ordeal below so we (anyone else who finds this in forum because they're having the same issue) can all FACEPALM ourselves for this...

***TAKE THE US DISC OUT OF YOUR DVD DRIVE!!!*** Problem. Solved.

16 hours to figure that out. Damnit.


I actually had been able to install the EU client without issue. When I did, however, when launching the US client, it would never give the log in screen. I'd just get the background of the planet w/ ship flying. I'd have to manually shut down, because a UI would never come up.

I'd tried a program from the Team Liquid forums that was supposed to allow me to use one client to connect to multiple servers, but this didn't work either.

So, I uninstalled everything, did a full registry wipe, and installed US from the disc again.
This is when I encountered the lockup on 1%, sometimes at 00016, but also at 17 and 18. It leaves .tmp files everywhere that it tries to install. I get an error 108 when it happens.

So, I thought maybe I had a corrupt installer. I downloaded it AGAIN, which took 10 hours. -.-

I have removed my antivirus, changed to my admin user account, run full spy checks, shutdown EVERYTHING in the background using msconfig....

basically, I'm stuck, and I really don't want to do a full reinstall of Windows, because the 7.07 GB installer takes hours to download. I could back it up on my external, but I don't want to.
Kouko...I want to give you a hearty handshake.
@ kohaku thank you very much you saved me a lot of time
Thanks! Saved me a bunch of time!
I also need help on this issue but my version is a bit annoying
so i lost my old SC2 Install disk so i was forced to download it from the Blizzard Client so the installer is in File form (that way i cant do the Eject trick to unfreeze the install) i was wondering if I should convert the installer files into an ISO file and use Daemon Tools to mount it as a disk and eject it should it freeze.

I went through the exact same ordeal as you... For three days... Redownloading, etc.




Problem, solved.
thanks man, you saved me some hours
Thanks dude....

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