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02/03/2011 2:15 PMPosted by eXwOn
Voted for sticky.

Did that two days a go. :-)
So Blizz, can we get this stickied already ;)
02/03/2011 4:54 PMPosted by Charger
So Blizz, can we get this stickied already ;)

stickies seem to not work
Added Halby's stream.
Great thread this should definitely be stickied
bump :)
Bookmarked, Favorite and sticky note in my Outlook Inbox. LOL!
I really like this link :

There you can see high level player play and many of them comment their actions live.
Added live streams - thanks JeffFromQc
Added WB's livestream.
I'll keep bump this until it's sticky! LOL
I have voted this be stickied about 6 times.... does it even work?

I am with duckTemplar

You should also add
a TvZ guide
InfowYen's TvZ guide
Bump for Terran dominance.

(And stickied)

Imagine a land in which only useful terran learning threads could be compiled. There would be an emperor beefmaster and he would rule justly in his pajamas.

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