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It's good to see that sticky votes work. Great work Beeferoni. ;-)
really good post thx
This could probably be added too. Good info

I have a new thread as well if you don't mind adding it.
Here is my one and only useful contribution to the forums:

It's a detailed ffa guide for players who don't understand how to play ffa differently from other ladder games.
The new TvT Metagame.
@OP, day9 switched from to, the new link is:, please update accordingly, thanx.
You might want to add in this thread as well.
This thread.

Although it will promote cheesing, people will eventually figure out that getting down a BO flat is a pretty good skill to have.
Charger's guide on hotkeys:

Beefmaster, are you still around?
can you update this with the strategies that have been circulating through the terran section. some are really good.
i made a #2 cause beef seems to be purma afk D:
Can someone add in specific Day[9] videos that are particularly helpful for Terran?
Hello everyone. Here is a very nice guide someone posted about how to play Terran in FFA. It's posted by someone called UnRivaled, who seems to really know what he's talking about. The post includes several replays of him playing terran in a FFA. I found it extremely informative and well-written.

If you're someone who finds free-for-alls chaotic and confusing, you should give this a read. You may even find that FFAs become one of your favorite game types.

Here's the link:

<a href=""></a>

Oops, it seems UnRivaled already posted his link above.
Thank you for this!
This is a great page. Wish I had found this much sooner.
I'm back after a 9 month gaming hiatus.

I was delighted to come back and find this stickied to the front page!

Thanks to cheesfactory for copying this post and keeping a version of it alive in my absence. I updated the front page with entries that he collected.

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