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Every time I exit Starcraft 2 my screen goes black and my computer restarts about a minute later. Never happens during gameplay and only when I exit the game. This does not happen with any other game.
Similar problem here, when I go to the menu and click exit game, the screen just freezes.

I can alt tab out of the game and see the windows taskbar but the rest of the screen still shows starcraft. I have to restart the computer or log out the current user to fix the problem.

Windows 10 x64
Please Fix
Same problems here where upon exiting the game, everything freezes so I'm staring at the mouse cursor hovering over the "Exit Game" button on the Main Menu options display. Alt-Tabbing, Alt+Ctrl+Del, putting the computer to sleep then reawakening, nothing works to quit SC2, all I got was a black desktop at best. The only option is to force shutdown the computer to restart. Problem has been happening repeatedly to the point where it's not worth launching SC2 anymore, issue started after LOTV launch.
Same problem here, during game my screen freeze and became full black then the PC restart alone !!
it s happen each 2 game more or less. Sorry for my english
Same problem. I can't even play games either!

Since LotV and Windows 10 I can't even play this game anymore... I load the game, half the UI loads and then any arcade or laddre games I play never load.

Exit sometimes crashes, sometimes takes 2 minutes. Never fast.

Tried reinstalling, tried other hard drive... etc.
I wasn't the only one!
the same thing to me
Just happened to me again. Its bee nearly 2 months and this still hasn't been fixed? :/
Same here. Just started happening the other day. Even when playing offline, when I try to exit the game, the game freezes. I have to Alt-tab out of the window, the open Task Manager and end the process.
Same here - Mac Pro - 12 core / 32GB Ram Latest OsX Release
Same issue, happens to my friend also. Would be happy to provide any additional information necessary for the fix.
I've been having this issue as well. SC2 locks up about 50% of the time when I exit. The cursor still works but the game won't close. I can ctrl alt dlt out but I still can't get SC2 to close. I end up having to restart my computer to get it to close.
Same issue here. Having to restart my computer to close the game.
I'm having the same issue, UI won't load any multiplayer menus, all I can play is the campaign and then the game freezes when I exit.
Same problem here, cannot play arcade games and it freezing when I exit the game. If they do not fix this soon, I'll never purchase LotV.
its happening to me as well. Only after i upgraded to win 10, worked ok on win 7
This is getting a bit ridiculous. Might as well add a message saying "not supported on Windows 10".
There are a number of things that could be causing this. Can you try these suggestions to help narrow it down?

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I have had this problem for a while now, but i figured out a fix for this. Go to your options (which you should find on the menu by pressing esc) and set it to windowed. This way you can press the X button in the top right corner. Hope this helped!

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