selendis desexualized???

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She was smoking HOT in WOL, looked like some magnificent queen or goddess with the fancy jewelries - definitely the hottest chick in the universe. but what happened to her lol? Not only does she look a lot smaller but she looks like a pleb no one cares about. Thanks blizz for ruining my fantasy.
As it turns out, armor very rarely looks fancy.
Well, light armor on women can look hot. e.g. Tyrande
Well OP, there's always rule 34 and slash fanfics...
11/11/2015 05:39 PMPosted by DarthSkroder
Well, light armor on women can look hot. e.g. Tyrande

If that's considered armour, then I wear an astronaut suit every day.
To be fair, she's a total.. b-word in this game. Always jump straight to "destroy this, kill that," never really a moment of reason.

Still a solid B-cup though...
What am i reading?
I dunno man. I still think shes smoking. I mean did you look at that smooth facial skins of hers in the cinematics. oh baby.. I wish I could just..
Um..... I have to ask, how was selendis sexualized in WOL? Wasn't all we could see her face from Safe Haven and In Utter Darkness?

Or this is just a troll
She was not at war in WoL.....

so you know.
Need pics...pls
I have the same thought lol.
Some people have real bad taste in virtual women. Now female draenei, that is sexy.
Seriously .____. my mind went blank after reading some of the replies LOL

I'm kinda disappointed she was used as the image for Amon as the leader of the Templar though... I kinda wanted Selendis to be part of the crew...
This thread has taught me a lot about human psychology.

Apparently the appearance of boobs, imagination of a va-rhyme with-Tina is enough for men to sexually fantasize about something.

(Interesting that the absence of a mouth is acceptable... personally, that's a no go, but go figures)

If anything, I am more interested in the location of Vorazun's n-rhyme-with-apple. (I made a thread about this yesterday, but then I had the good sense to delete my thread at the 14 min mark... but now the floodgate is open, let the objectify begin!) Did anyone notice her dress is just ridiculously low cut? And not in a sexy sort of way, but in a biologically, stuff are not in the right place sorta way. Either she's sagging, or super flatsville that it's actually being covered by the strap instead of the actual dress.

I just a-moved all-in, now it's your move, forum.
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Okay but what about Rohana and that sweet preserver underboob? Hawt.
women aren't allowed to be sexual anymore. Makes the other women mad Kappa (just look at the change from old hots background screen kerrigan then look at the new campaign screen kerrigan, and overwatch)
OP should post pics of Selendis from WoL and LotS for comparison. For science!

Man I wish I could link some of the things I'm finding in Google Image search... lol

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