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I have a razer keyboard and mouse. Can someone who is good at this game please tell me how to keybind my queens for injections.
it doesnt matter what items you have razor or otherwise

two things

one, choose all your queens and press ctrl+3. that will bind them to the three key.

then when you press 3 you will choose your queens without looking, then you press v for inject and put the crosshair on the minimap and they will inject. use the minimap and click injects on the hatchery blob on the map without ever having to look at your base.

two, take my advice and stop using queens. people will laugh at you for being like me and making macro hatcheries but consider how foolish they are. two queens is 300 mineral. one hatch is 300 mineral. i rather make one hatch. no lie no troll, i make hatcheries all over. if i can get about 7-9 hatch on my 2 key, i can passively make more larvae than i care to ever need. i never once need to inject.

once my bases are mineing, three or four saturated bases, i can then make everything without looking and without injecting. that takes a huge micro macro demand out of my play so i can use my army or spread overturds.

you may want a single queen or some pooing overturds or a nydus to spread the creep between your bases if you decide to use queens so they can walk around on the creep. its like purple shag carpet ;3

inject by the minimap!
11/19/2015 11:53 PMPosted by coldsteel
two, take my advice and stop using queens.

Don't take that advice. Really, don't.

I map my queens to a hotkey (6), and map backspace to one of the macro keys on the left side of my keyboard. I also map 'V' to my side mouse button.

1) Press 6
2) Click Mouse Side Button (or 'V')
3) Tap Macro key bound to Backspace
4) Left click center of screen
5) Repeat 2-4 for every hatch
With the way that the new stacking inject works in LotV, hotkeying queens together is no longer viable. You will inevitably have queens wandering between bases. The best way to do it is to cycle through base locations with camera hotkeys and box/click each queen and inject manually. It may not be quite as efficient as the old way, but this is the only setup that will keep your queens in 1 place. I got used to it pretty quickly and not prefer it to the old way.

dont listen to anything coldsteel said except to spread creep and overlords
11/19/2015 11:53 PMPosted by coldsteel
two, take my advice and stop using queens

This probably works in Silver league, but I really don't recommend this. Just get used to using Queens rather than giving up on them. They're really a great unit.
I play diamond-master in lotv, one trick you can use is base camera inject method where you bind base camera to an easy key such as space and cycle through each base to inject this is an easy method and what i used when i first started, now I just use camera hotkeys to manually inject and tbh it does really matter how fast you can inject as long as you hit them on time when your queen has 25 energy you should have no problem
Use camera location hotkeys and have all your queens hotkeyed to the same key, just go through your bases and click click click click and you're injected.
i have changed the base cam hotkey from backspace to space. (easier to hit)
queens on 6, all hatch/lair/hive on 5
so i only need to click space and have the queens selected for injects. with shift+v(for inject) and fast clicking& changing screen you optimally can inject within(or at least arround) 1s.
with the new stackable inject mechanic, you need to take care, cause they are more likely(compared to hots&wol) to "panic" and derp across the map.
and doing it "mindlessly" only works if you have a queen(+selected) next to every hatch.
so you sometimes need to babysit them, worst case: click s, redo the inject with more care
I used to inject using the minimap. It is an interesting method, however, it is really hard to do it mechanically.

Then I used the spacebar method which was great. All hatches in 6 and all queens in 5. Creep queens in 4.

With LOTV, the spacebar can't be used without making your queens walking across the map.

I had to switch to the camera hotkey method and I LOVE IT !!
Indeed it is a bit slower... but now I know what happens in my base. I can move drones if there are too much on a hatch.
I now use 1 for all my hatches and 2 for creep queens. I don't need to hotkey my inject queens. I try to constantly hit F1, F2, F3 and F4. Then boxing the queen and injecting.

I advice to give it a try. I couldn't use the other methods anymore.

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