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arcade has been bugged for 30 hours
Go read bug report section. Apperantly, blizard doesn't read any of the post in that section.
Please fire the arcade manager.

Or, is there even one?
seems like arcade has been ignored since heart of the swarm
they making interface changes that literally no one agrees on.
Thanks for the report, we're currently investigating the issue.
02/03/2016 10:50 AMPosted by StoryOfLife
they making interface changes that literally no one agrees on.

the open games list is the best change the arcade ever got, late but at least
It'd be nice if Blizzard wouldn't state only 10% of the changes made each patch. Adding a skin and making a super easy achievement, along with a few other aesthetic changes are all 5 minute fixes. If what I say is not true, how the !@#$ does adding a unit model break arcade?
02/03/2016 11:23 AMPosted by Rackle
Thanks for the report, we're currently investigating the issue.

Why not combine all these threads and maybe sticky it?:

And of course...fix it.

I am like many players who have stopped playing ladders and only play custom games now.
Mafia dont work. at 15 ppl joined map just closed.
Some Maps like Star Battle X have the Problem, that only 1-2 People can join, all other get kicked automatically before they join, other Maps work with max. 4v4. I hope it get fixxed soon, at the moment star craft is destroyed :(
(P.S. An old old Version from 2012 of Star Battle, Star Battle 2.0 Wings of Liberty works normal also with 5v5 )
Still not fixed
Please, tell me what the chance is that this issue get solved within a month?
what you think of the new chat system, its good for fast matches as like: tournaments rank... But its just stupid if you play with a lot of different people a game... They never checked it with how it would work with arcade users because they never allowed arcade users in the beta...
chat system isn't good for anything
it's just another horrible time-reversing changes from blizard
Well, you know how it is. Before the game came out, the game had a working bnet 1.0 browsing system.

But that's too good and they had to get rid of it and give us the useless popularity system with no chat.

Unfortunately, it is so bad, the had to put something useful - chat and bookmarks.

Then much later, they gave us a very useful open map listing. But that proved too good so they need to do something - they made chat useless.

This is all a very carefully orchestrated balancing act between good and bad to make the perfect system.
i wonder how many players will be lost for this oversight lol.

i mean, all i'm saying is i cannot resist steam for very long ... they have a lot of shiny things over there.

02/03/2016 10:48 AMPosted by Renji
Still no, however, interestingly enough, if you go to the main support page, and go to the point of reporting a bug, it will soft redirect you here, but in the soft redirect is a thing that asks "Was this article helpful?" I clicked no, and it allowed me to provide feedback as to why. I flat out said that this forum we're posting in right now is being virtually ignored, talked about how I understand how much code they have to sort through, and asked for some kind of weekly update, and I encourage you all to do the same. The button is right, or in this case, left, next to your account name (not profile name) at the top of your screen.
still not fixed
Still very broken.... blizzard you need to get on this.. or TELL US when it will be fixed..
damn, now no one play zealot frenzy, 3v3v3v3 anymore because stupid limit 7 players... So, Your enginger or your CEO never play your own games ? They just put any theory and their mind and make a patch to whatever they want? Seriously...

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