How to engineer your own timing attack.

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This was posted on the Clan RH forums by BallertronRH, one of our top ranked Master League Terran players. He has been in the Top 200 before, and is an absolute beast with timing attacks. I thought I'd share this because it clearly outlines what you need to do to design a powerful attack.

First, Identify the goal. Review typical openers, find a time of vulnerability in a specific build and use the timing attack against it.

2nd, Clarify the unit composition and amount you want to have at this timing and give time to get to the location on the map.

3rd, How to get there. Start working on the build orders to achive this composition at this time. Cutting workers are normal but it makes the attack more all-insh.

4th, Feasibility analyze. Does this build work, if you opponent scouts it, can you defend against any premature attacks. Is it too risky and attack window too small

5th, Refine the build, finding ways to get as much units as possible for the attack. You can do this vs AI, just keep repeating the build and find the optimized way to get out as much of the units you want in as little time as possible. Designing back up plans and transitioning possibilities if possible.

6th, Test against as many different people as possible, look from their point of view and find holes in the attack and plug them.
Don't worry Oscar, I showed my appreciation by reporting you. Trolls aren't welcome on helpful threads.
Hmm, didn't I see something like this on a recent enough Day9 vid? Believe twas a Thursday

02/11/2011 5:53 AMPosted by WinterBornRH
find a time of vulnerability in a specific build and use the timing attack against it.
Ow geez, trial and error lol, finally got that zerg eco-build is weakest from 2-9, before they get mutas at like 10

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