[bug] Only Nova for Main Menu

Bug Report
I don't mind having Nova there, but I wanted to change it to Artanis. However, I noticed that it was actually already set to Artanis in the options.
So, thinking little of it, assuming some trivial bug, I set it to random. It's possible it did still choose Nova from here with good chances, but I saw nothing different, played a game in co-op, it was still showing Nova, exited Starcraft and came back to see Nova was still there, so I changed it back to Artanis and saw nothing happened, exited Starcraft and came back again to see Nova still.

It's still a trivial bug and all but I noticed it all the same, but one I figure would need addressing?
It's not a bug. With the release of a new feature Blizzard just overrides the preferred background setting to advertise said feature. The same thing is done when a major tournament is ongoing. They should remove the override in the coming days.
Hi all,

As Raven mentioned this is not a bug and the homescreen will revert to your desired choice soon. Thanks for the report!

Ok, and sorry about my duplicate post, I didn't see my post on the forums after I had made this one and thought I had to redo it. :(
As long as I know I'm fine with that, thank you. :)

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