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Hello everyone!

I've noticed quite a few people asking for help with low fps issues in StarCraft II. There are many factors that can affect the frame rate of the games you play and often this issue can be resolved by doing some basic PC housekeeping and walking through some basic troubleshooting steps.

Instead of repeating myself, I've decided to write a guide to help those who are experiencing low frame rate issues in the game. The PDF guide can be downloaded here.

StarCraft II Low FPS Troubleshooting Guide (PDF)!391&authkey=!AJyeTw3RV0ZXoR8&ithint=file%2cpdf

It contains a set of basic troubleshooting tips that may help fix low fps issues in your games. It also covers the NVIDIA video card software settings as well as the StarCraft II in-game settings. I've copied the basic troubleshooting tips from the guide and pasted it below. For the non-tech savvy users among us, I've also included easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions for each troubleshooting tip, which can be found in the PDF document. Without further ado, let's get started.

1. Update Your Video Driver
    The latest graphics card drivers can sometimes provide a large boost in performance. To ensure the best graphics performance, it’s a good idea to keep your video driver as up-to-date as possible.

2. Reset Your Video Driver Settings
    If your graphics driver is already up-to-date, try resetting your graphics driver settings. Improperly configured application profile settings can cause low fps and resetting them to default values may help improve your frame rates.
    Support Page →

3. Update The System Drivers
    Keeping all of the major system drivers (chipset, audio, network etc.) up-to-date is essential to the performance of your system.

4. Update Your Operating System
    Use Windows Update to keep your Windows computer up-to-date with the latest patches, bug fixes and performance improvements.

5. Perform a Clean Startup
    Some applications and services may interfere with StarCraft II. By performing a clean startup, you can determine whether a background program or service is the source of the frame rate problem.
    Support Page →

6. Adjust Visual Settings in Windows
    Disabling many of the visual enhancements and graphical features within Windows can improve your system’s performance.

7. Check Your Power Options
    In Balanced and Power Save mode the CPU may not be running up to its full potential all the time. Enable High Performance mode to run the CPU full throttle and maximize system performance and responsiveness.

8. Check Your GPU’s Power Management Mode
    Another setting to consider is the graphics card’s power management mode setting. If it’s set to ‘Adaptive’, it may run at a lower frequency to conserve power. Setting it to ‘Prefer High Performance’ can increase the frame rate in your games.

9. Disable Windows 10 Game DVR
    If you face any performance issues while playing games, and if you don’t have any need for it, try disabling Windows 10 Game DVR.

10. Configure or Disable OneDrive
    If OneDrive is enabled your frame rate may drop if OneDrive synchronizes the
    folder while you are playing StarCraft II. If you are having frame rate issues and OneDrive is enabled, configuring or disabling it might help.

11. Set Windows for Best Performance for Programs
    While the ‘Adjust for best performance’ setting in the Advanced System Properties is set to optimize Windows for best performance for programs by default, it is worth checking this setting to ensure it is still the case on your system.

12. Optimize Your Hard Drive
    Optimizing your hard drive can aid in improving the frame rate in StarCraft II, especially if game assets like textures, models and shaders are loaded at runtime.

13. Check for Overheating Components

14. Scan for Viruses and Malware
    If the system is running slowly, there is a possibility that it’s infected with a virus or malware. Scan your computer for virues and malware to ensure it’s still clean and not infected.
    Support Page →

15. Check for Problem Devices
    Check for problem devices to ensure that there are no conflicts between device drivers or problems with any devices on your system.

16. Use the StarCraft II 32-bit Game Client
    If you’re running a 64-bit Operating System and are experiencing frame rate issues when using the 64-bit game client, try using the 32-bit client instead. Some players have reported better fps with the 32-bit game client.
    Support Page →

17. Disable NVIDIA ShadowPlay & Streaming Service
    Increase your frame rate and save precious CPU cycles by disabling NVIDIA ShadowPlay & NVIDIA Streaming Service.

18. Temporarily Disable Your Sound Card
    Disabling your sound card will help you determine if the sound card is the root cause of the low frame rate problem.

19. Check for CPU Hogs
    Programs that require a lot of CPU resources can slow down your computer. Look for resource wasting programs that you can shut down to free up CPU cycles and check your computer’s CPU usage while playing StarCraft II.

20. Turn Off Search Indexing in Windows
    Windows Search Indexing is constantly running in the background. For users with a slow computer it can be benificial to turn off Windows Search Indexing.

21. Enable Intel Turbo Boost
    If your CPU supports Intel Turbo Boost Technology, it can run faster than the noted speeds. Enabling Turbo Boost will result in increased performance in applications and games.

22. Use High Performance Discrete GPU
    To ensure your games take advantage of the faster graphics card in your system, set the preferred graphics processor setting to the High Performance Graphics Processor.

23. Exit When Launching Games
    In rare cases, the Blizzard launcher can cause high CPU load. If the Blizzard launcher is causing high CPU load on your system, set it to close itself when it launches a game to improve the frame rate in StarCraft.

24. Disable Superfetch
    Superfetch tries to improve performance by predicting which applications a user is likely to launch and preemptively loads them into RAM. Some players have reported improved game performance with SuperFetch disabled, so disabling it may be worth a shot if you’re experiencing in-game “stutters”.

25. Enable or Disable AMD Turbo Core
    AMD Turbo Core allows the processor to dynamically adjust the CPU operating frequency. Some users have reported better performance with AMD Turbo Core enabled, while some others have claimed that their fps drops stopped with AMD Turbo Core disabled. If it’s already enabled, try disabling it. If it’s not enabled, turn it on and see if that helps.

Please keep in mind that while the suggestions listed above and the ones listed in the PDF document may help improve your PC's performance, they will never be able to improve it beyond the limitations of your system's hardware.

If you're still experiencing low fps after that, I'd recommend running a system benchmark (e.g. PassMark) and compare your computer’s performance with the online results to ensure your system is running at the correct performance speeds.

Good luck, and happy StarCrafting!

May 13, 2016: Initial document release.
May 19, 2016: PDF download link changed from Twitter to OneDrive.
May 20, 2016: Added "AMD Turbo Core" and fixed typos.
05/13/2016 10:42 AMPosted by Deanx

18. Temporarily Disable Your Sound Card
    Disabling your sound card will help you determine if the sound card is the root cause of the low frame rate problem.

bad advice unless your sound card hardware is damaged.

my cheap sound blaster Z has a quad-core CPU + 64MB of RAM

this means, the CPU doesn't have to waste cycles processing audio since the sound card has a dedicated quad-core CPU specifically for sound, with an additional +64MB of RAM.

this is what Im working with currently, as far as RAM is concerned

CPU L1 Cache: 768KB
CPU L2 Cache: 3072 KB
CPU L3 Cache: 6MB
System RAM: 32,768MB
Video Card RAM: 2,048MB
Sound Card RAM: 64MB

Total available RAM for the game with my setup: 34,896MB
Or, you know, Blizzard could actually dedicate people into updating the rotting code from the components that make this game beyond supporting x64.
Good advice and thanks for the write up,my fps is dropping to 20 in games and my machine easily runs games like csgo at 250 fps,doing a scan and repair now and hopefully that helps,tried pretty much everything else sigh.
I noticed my GPU wasn't turning on it's fan for StarCraft 2. During HOTS the GPU starts at 1752Mhz just on the title screen. 1800+Mhz when things get Chaotic. StarCraft 2 used to run my GPU at 1752Mhz, but now it won't go above 1380Mhz or turn on the fan.... I was able to manually set my Fan Speed to 30% with Gigabyte's Extreme Gaming Engine. Which helped a lot, but my GPU is still staying at a rock bottom 1380Mhz. I've been using TrigoneSoft's Remote System Monitor to see what my GPU is doing through different titles and every other title on BattleNet keeps it at a minimum of 1752Mhz.... So it really strange, the GPU Voltage also won't go over .8 of a Volt whenever I play Starcraft 2.

Anyone else having the same problem should give the System Monitoring Software below a go and reply to this after you get your GPU specs for SC2....
@GamingRAPTR I'm not so advanced as you, sir, so I have no idea about voltage and frequency, but yeah, in my case fans are off too, and FPS is rock bottom((
Don't expect anything. SC2 has performance issue since patch 3.0 even with high end specs... (GTX 1070, AMD R7 1800X (only 2 THREADS USED!!!!!!!!!))
this game is just poorly coded for a AAA title. it needs a major patch . and i will not purchase anything else from blizzard until it is addressed.
I understand that the game can't be multithreaded... But, the thing is they did something wrong in the 3.0 patch and they have not fixed it.
So be doing this will Starcraft 2 run smoother.
Whoops! Looks like something broke. Give it another shot.

Error code: BLZBNTAGT00000BCA
Whoops! Looks like something broke. Give it another shot.

Error code: BLZBNTAGT00000BCA

I have done everything. yet still this message pops up.

Its only for finishing the installments.. ive been doing this for 2 days.. im really frustrated now i really miss this game. Please help me. What did I miss doing??

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