WoL campaign Brutal bug

Bug Report
I finished WoL campaign in brutal, completed all 29 missions in brutal. However when I finished All In, I did not get the achievement or portrait.

I went back to mission selection screen, and saw it didn't give me credit/history for completing the secret mission, nor was the secret mission listed.

So I redid Media Blitz, triggered the secret mission. Finished the secret mission.

After finishing secret mission, still no achievement BUT now the game resetted my campaign progress back to "mission completed: 22"!

Help!!! I do not want to redo the missions in brutal!!!! Why is the game trolling me??

(I have the saves to prove I've done them all in brutal)
You need to complete the Tosh mission "Welcome to the Jungle" on brutal.
You can see this by viewing the achievement "Liberty Completionist: Brutal" under story achievements.
Hi edge,

It looks like you've completed the remaining mission and now have the achievement and portrait. Congrats!


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